For about a year, I watched, I bid, I got outbid, I watched some more, and finally got that email that said I had won--just $2,500.00 and she was all mine. I drove to Hot Springs to pick her up and some friends were kind enough to go with. February 27th, 2016--the beginning. I eagerly await the finish, but please do not expect it too soon. I hope you'll keep me company along the way.
the front is getting used for storage.  My seat is in pretty good condition, but I will take it to a guy who does great upholstery work (cars, boats,...
this is after the seat removal--sorry for quality it was dark (I had turned off work lights)
odometer when I picked her picked up and she drove like a champ on the way home.
This is before I started working.  Surprisingly, it was in really good condition.
ding rear passenger--just a couple of wardrobe malfunctions--but I think when I get ceiling out I can bang out and bondo smooth--at least I hope so.
t444e engine  
I think I will shortly need a power steering pump--beginning to make a few noises--but she still has lotssssss of miles left on her.
entry to my future rolling home
inspection sticker
driver's side from rear
passenger side from front

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