El Diablo (part 2)
So i used up all the space in the first album now i guess i have to start a second. Enjoy.!!!1
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20161011 074559
Chipping away at the yellow.
I really hate doing things twice.
front spacers.
After driveing for over 7 hrs i still manage to stay up late & paint. Dedication & motivation
finally got my 4" exhaust pipes drove 3 hrs & 40 minutes one way to get it but i am happy
Exhaust manifold is sandblasted & ceramic coated, one step closer to being done.  Next is 4" exhaust pipes. I am ready to hear  it start up are...
You wont be able to see it but you sure will be able to feel it.
laying down some rubber. I put on three coats already & only used 1/4 bucket.
Gettin smurfed. I had to open up windows just to take a picture it is to dark. Laying down some liquid rubber.
Yea but that TURBROOO  tho brooo.
It is officially SoCal Ported.
Getting a port on the compressor houseing i am pretty sure i will notice a differance. ☺
breakin down that turbo.
fresh water time.
fresh water fill station.
Worn around the edges, time for an upgrade.
The big bad dirty turbo.
Dam i can't wait till i get rid of that front end sag.?!At the base of soboba mountain.
Soboba Flight Park. All day everyday.
Time to Fly.
Tired of working.? you bet.

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