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Stiggofthedump 01-11-2015 03:08 PM

1998 bluebird flat nose wiring trouble
Hello !
after getting my bus and driving home
when we arrived and took the first walk back and sat in the dinette
the emergency window my friend tried to open and the buzzer that goes off i guess for emergency's to alert the driver just made a click noise trying to engage to whatever down there (buzzer)in the drivers light switch control panel
well something blew and all went dead inside ,and everywhere except for the headlights and dash lights on gauges turn signals .......
i replaced the fuses in the small panel behind drivers console i don't know where to begin on the outer panel

any suggestions would be much appreciated im dead in the water


wauto 01-11-2015 03:42 PM

Check for power at solenoids located in the outside panel. Also did anyone mess with the rear dead bolt ? That will disable the starter. I can talk you through it easier than typing it all out. PM your phone number to me and I'll help ya out.

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