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fnelson71 02-24-2015 07:28 PM

insurance help please
First off I have not contacted any insurance company yet. My shuttle bus is title as a MH (motor home).

So my question is who insured your bus and how much is it.

roach711 02-24-2015 08:41 PM

I got my liability only insurance online from National General. Currently $260/6 months. I originally had called in for a quote but got a better deal buying online.
My Allstate agent had no idea what to do with a converted bus.

I see demolition has begun!

fnelson71 02-24-2015 09:13 PM

yes i have started demo and those side doors have got to go.

dond 02-24-2015 10:34 PM

Titles, Insurance, Registration and Money Matters -

schoolmarm 02-24-2015 11:31 PM

I have Nationwide that was purchased online. Liability only, about 14.00 per month.

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