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westport_wayne 03-30-2006 11:22 PM

1996 international on ebay
did anyone see the 1996 international 30 pasenger bus on ebay ? from new mexico. thats what i am planning on in the future. i live in n.w. oregon so thats a little far away. so what is the t-444 ?? diesel ? good bad ? i do live close to western bus sales in portland oregon ( thats where i got my crown.

the_experience03 03-30-2006 11:50 PM

the T444E is basically the 7.3L Powerstroke you'd find in a Ford Super Duty. I've never driven one so I don't really know one way or the other if it is good or not, but atleast parts availability should be good.

Clyde 03-31-2006 07:29 AM

the 444 is underpowered even for a smaller tow truck, I cant imagine having one in something even heavier, like a bus, go for the dt466 if ya can find one..

westport_wayne 03-31-2006 10:01 AM

dt 466
who makes the dt 466 ? is that a detroit diesel ? 6 or 8 cylinder. im only familier with the 6-71 detroit in my 84 crown. thanks for the info

trentet 03-31-2006 10:30 AM

international makes both engines
the dt 466 is an international straight 6 diesel with mechanical injection and is often times turboed and intercooled but it could be otherwise. the t444e is an international v8 diesel that is electronically injected. while my father in law loves his in his Ford excursion and F-550 pickup I think the ones in school busses were derated power wise. it seems like international likes to put out the same basic engine with about half a dozen or more power level options. The major advantage that I can see to the dt 466 is that it can be rebuilt in place as the cylinders are sleeved where the T444 e has to be pulled like a regular car engine would be. I have also heard rumors that the normal run of schoolie transmissions dont like the harmonics that a V8 diesel puts out. No personal experience on that one though.

Jarlaxle 03-31-2006 05:04 PM

The T444E isn't a bad engine...not as good as the DT466 (best medium-duty engine ever built, period), but pretty good. The main downside is the low power (170, 190, & 210 were available), though just about any dealer can turn it up to 210HP. Another problem is the fact that most T444E buses had AT545 non-lockup slushpumps.

wmah 03-31-2006 07:21 PM

An EZ Edge for a Ford of the same year helps with the horse power. I'd guess it will boost it up about 25 hp, but your still limited to the set max rpms and what gears it has. It just gives it more kick on the get go and helps maintain speed better on inclines. Now this only works on the T444E and not the earlier 444 engines.

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