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Otter 05-20-2015 07:24 PM

Reluctant Spouse

I have looked for something on this topic through the search, and either I don'g know how to look for it, or it's not here yet.

My husband is SO not on board at all! I think it's partly because apparently I suck at giving a presentation. I should get power point...

Anyway, is there a post/ thread on how to get the spousal unit on board with getting a skoolie?

Thanks in advance!

SassyLass 05-20-2015 07:50 PM

I've never seen one, though I have seen mention of wives that needed to be convinced. You'll have to find out what it is he's afraid of/or doesn't like about them.

Curious- what is/are his objections? Cost? Time to convert? No experience? No ability/skills? Roughing it? Traveling? Lack of creature comforts? Reliability? Is he visualizing Cheech and Chong? Do you want to full-time travel while he wants to stay stationary?

From what I've seen, those opposed to the idea have never seen one that met with their sensibilities. It's usually a misconception of what is possible.

HolyBus 05-20-2015 08:09 PM

If he can afford a million+ dollar Prevost and he prefers the look of that plus the maintenance costs of that kind of bahemoth, let him get one. Have him check with dealers on annual maintenance costs.
Maybe he doesn't like highway travel, or experienced something as a kid? Maybe he is afraid people might see what goes on inside at night? Maybe he is afraid his friends won't approve? See if you can find out what the issue is without nagging him about it. I would do anything for my wife if she told me what she wants. Its been reciprical (sp?) for 35 years.

Otter 05-20-2015 09:57 PM

Well, honestly, I think he hates change. What I proposed to him was the fact that we could possibly be debt free by the start of next year if we went with my plan, and be free of this old crap heap of a house that needs more repair work than we'll ever be able to do ourselves. I even started off my presentation with the financial aspects, but...

He focused on (at least to "shut me up") was "Do you think we could live in a space that small with all these pets?"

While he has a point, we have taken most of these pets camping. In a canoe. In a tent. A 4 man low profile tent. I fail to see the problem... Especially when I read all the stuff other folks have said about RVing with pets.

Granted, we have a bit of a zoo, but the 2 birds are in cages already, the big dog doesn't move much, the little dog is... well... little, and there are 3 cats. The iguana is pretty accommodating, and the tarantula doesn't take up much room. If it came down to it, I have a friend who is a bird expert who could take them, but honestly...

We could build a wall and put a door on a mancave in the back, and even soundproof it for him. No pets allowed back there. Then, when he's being a pain, I could tell him to "Get in the back of the bus!"

I'm sure he has other issues, but I can't seem to get him to talk to me about it. Like I said, I think he hates change, honestly... even if that change would be WAAAY better than what the current status quo is.

Otter 05-20-2015 10:00 PM

How do these "Quick Replies" work? I don't know if SassyLass knows that last one was meant for her or not...

This one would be meant for HolyBus.

I don't think he likes the idea of living in an RV of any kind. I am wondering if maybe he's a closet claustrophobic. (see what I did there?)

Otter 05-20-2015 10:01 PM

I guess I'm asking if others had to poke/ prod/ convince their significant others at all, or it's just me?

family wagon 05-20-2015 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by Otter (Post 110394)
How do these "Quick Replies" work? I don't know if SassyLass knows that last one was meant for her or not...

Hey! I just learned something new! (thanks for asking how the quick replies work) :biggrin: IMHO quick reply is for dashing off a quick one-liner or some such. You can use the "Quote" button if you want to quote the existing statements for context and then write your comment around it. Or -- the thing I just learned -- you can click "Multi-Quote" on several messages that you want to quote from, then click the "Post Reply" button and you'll get an edit box with quotes from each post that you clicked multi-quote on, as I did here. I'm ashamed of myself for not having figured this out long ago.... Also, in the advanced/normal post editor, there's a "preview post" button at the bottom of the edit area which you can use to see what your post looks like before committing to it.


Originally Posted by Otter (Post 110394)
maybe he's a closet claustrophobic. (see what I did there?)

A closet would be a terrible place to be for a claustrophobe!


Originally Posted by Otter (Post 110395)
I guess I'm asking if others had to poke/ prod/ convince their significant others at all, or it's just me?

Naw, not just you. My wife was uncomfortable with the insanity of buying a school bus for any purpose at first (our purposes are strictly RV, not full-time). Finally I found one and she ratified it. It wasn't until after she'd spent some time just sitting and talking in it, and we'd done one quick trip with little more than some of the seats removed, that she really warmed up to the possibilities.

Maybe you can make it easier to swallow by reducing it to a "just for fun" endeavor for now? Though if you're feeling any pinch from the house money pit, it could be a hard sell to take on a second, albeit smaller, money pit "just for fun."

Polarweasel 05-20-2015 10:58 PM

My wife went from cool to the idea of a bus a couple years ago to asking me a couple months ago if it was just a pipe dream or if we were really going to do it. I'd kept the idea percolating with periodic research (OK, periodic nerd safaris on here and various blogs!), but this was a dramatic shift. We're both tired of huge debts and being stuck in an expensive apartment, and we've each made stabs at minimalism lately. Two small kids make it simultaneously terrifying to contemplate and also very appealing to imagine road adventures as they get older.

One thing she asked me for was lots of pictures of conversions I like. I've got an Evernote notebook full of those, so I shared it with her. Pictures, and a test vacation in a rental RV, might be a good starting point.

nat_ster 05-21-2015 01:48 AM

I got a divorce, and found a new wife that is cool with the idea.


claydbal 05-21-2015 06:53 AM


Originally Posted by nat_ster (Post 110411)
I got a divorce, and found a new wife that is cool with the idea.


lol , ive done that a few times.

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