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Rocky624 05-15-2006 08:01 AM

2 speed rear end....
Hi new kid on the block!!!
I have an 88 Ford/Wayne/Short Bus
4 speed stick 6:31 rear 370 ci Engine
Does anyone have any input or knowledge about 2 speed rears???
Thinkin down the road I'd like 2 do some long distance trips @ 55 mph she's screamin...rpm's
Thanks in advance 4 any input


the_experience03 05-15-2006 02:48 PM

That is a mean rear end ratio :shock: On top of that, your transmission is probably a New Process 534 iirc. That means a really low first and a direct drive 4th. That's not doing you any favors either :lol:

The problem with a lot of two speed rar ends is that they are designed to give you an additional low range, not high range. What I mean is that in high gear most are not all that high at all. I think you'd be doing some shopping to get the right one. A better plan might be to just find a different axle (or third member if you're lucky) that you can swap to get the higher ratio.

Another thing I'd look at....your 370 shares the same bellhousing bolt pattern as a 429 or 460 big block. Since your bus is short it is probably light enough that I think you would be JUST fine with a ZF 5 speed out of an older 1 ton. That means a true overdrive, synchronized shifting, etc. I think you could find one for cheap. might even be able to find one with a PTO for running a generator head. Though I haven't shopped for one of those trannies in a long time, I think one could be had for reasonably cheap. Other than perhaps a driveshaft mod and making sure you have the correct size flywheel for the clutch (which you likely will), I think it should be a fairly straight forward swap.

Rocky624 05-15-2006 04:57 PM

I think the tranny idea makes the most sense...2 me anyway???
I'll start doin some research...checkin wit da boyz and C what's what???
Again THANKS 4 the input...I wish I could B more of a help 2 others...maybe someday???

Rocky ; )

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