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Steve 08-19-2006 08:32 PM

Tailgating 2006
I'm starting to get everyone organized for the 2006 tailgating season. I'm going to touch up the outside of the bus and change a few components of the stereo system.

If anyone is going to be at any of the Iowa State games in Ames or the Iowa vs Iowa State game in Iowa City come and find my bus.

If you are on Facebook I made a group for it:

lapeer20m 08-20-2006 02:54 PM

I wish iowa wasn't so far from michigan. I'd love to make it over there for a game.

another problem is that i'm usually pretty "bussed out" for a while after the 5K mile trip to nevada and back.

it's 630 miles one way from my house to yours. If i burned 100 gallons of veggie, i could do the entire trip there and back for $300. If he can get the time off of work, maybe phill would come too.

That's a lot of time money effort and energy just for a football game, but I have no doubt that it would be a great party!

I'll keep the idea on the back burner and see what happens as the time draws nearer......

I could drive there in about 12 hours.

dan 08-25-2006 11:00 AM

I can't believe tailgate season is already here. This will be our first season at Jack Trice with our bus and we can't wait to bring the rig up. In the past we have brought up a couple trucks and parked in the now defunct lot where the new Alumni Building is going.
Steve, any suggestions you have for us would be greatly appreciated. If we don't have an RV pass where should we park? How early do we have to get there to get a spot? What is the best route to take to get in? ETC.
We were planning on leaving Des Moines at 3:30 for Thursday's game is that sufficient? If we have others in small vehicles can they park in the same area?
I know these are strange newbie questions but with the limited number of home games we want to get it right the first time, any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Dan

Steve 08-25-2006 01:07 PM


D3 is the official RV lot but it costs big money to park there. The vast majority of buses & rvs (and people who tailgate) park in G2/G3 these lots are pay when you get there.

You will want to get off Hwy 30 at the Duff exit and head north. Turn west on S. 16th Street (Kmart is on that street) and then see map above. They open the lots 6 hours before the games (normally people are there well before that, including me) if you arrive before that time the line starts on the south side of the street at the spot marked above and will stretch up to the vetmed lot (marked in green). For morning games most people arrive the night before and camp/tailgate all night in the vetmed lot and start lining up early in the morning.

Let me know if you have any more questions. This is my 5th year tailgating with the bus there.

dan 08-29-2006 09:30 PM

Thanks for all the info Steve. We should be getting up there about 4:30. Stop on by I owe you a beer or two for the help.

Steve 09-04-2006 08:06 PM

Hey Dan, I didn't see your bus out there.. did you make it?

I got down there at 2pm and was put about half way down the lot.

dan 09-04-2006 09:08 PM

We were there but we had to park north of 16th. We pulled into G2/G3 at 4:15 and were informed we were to big to fit in the few spots left. I told everyone we needed to leave earlier but they wouldn't listen. The other lot wasn' t too bad, we probably had 40-50 people in our group and some fun neighbors too. Next week we are going to have to leave much earlier. You will be up next weekend right? I was thinking of getting in line somewhere around 10am.

Steve 09-04-2006 09:41 PM

Yes, I should be in line at about the same time you will be. I hope to see you there.

glock17 09-05-2006 03:24 PM

I plan on coming over on Sept 9th.

Steve 09-10-2006 12:13 PM

I saw Dan and got a tour of his incredible bus. Everyone must see this thing.

Unfortunately I did not catch up to glock17

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