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Steve 11-28-2003 06:27 PM

What kind of mileage do you get?
This is big question, especially for those who are just starting out.

lapeer20m 11-29-2003 03:10 PM

I have a 1991 Ford Ward 72 passenger with a Ford inline 6 cylinder 6.6L turbo and it gets 8.5 mpg with or without the jazuzzi being full of water

EldoMike 11-30-2003 04:44 PM

Just made a 5000 mile trip with our 8.2L Bus with 6.17 rear.....8.5 mpg.....sure hope I can find another rear end soon.....


John Chance 12-30-2003 11:28 PM

1991 International BlueBird with DT360 & AT545
I drove my newly purcahsed diesel bus back to Texas from Baltimore, Maryland and got an average of 9 mpg. I really kept the thing pegging the governor...from 2800 to 3000 rpm for most of the trip whenver possible. It ran smoothly and didn't use any oil whatsoever. Love that bus. :D

Vern1 07-14-2004 06:25 AM

I haven't answered until now because I only drove it home and on short trips to keep it running and now I actually have a couple of trips under the old girl and LIFE IS GOOD!
With the genset running, because it's HOT here in central Texas (it runs off of the bus gas tank, so it drinks a little) I am getting a little over 6 MPG in my 66 passenger International gas with automatic. It is completely self contained and weighs 15550 empty. Loaded down for a 3-4 day trip with 3 people aboard probably adds another 2000 pounds.
Still well under the 26000 gross and just off of the overload springs, so the ride is pretty good, but it hits hard when it does touch the overloads!

Steve 08-11-2004 03:43 PM

I finally took my bus on its first out of state trip. I drove it up to a lake in South Western Minnesotta.

I made a 50 mile pure interstate run just before leaving to get a rough estimate on gas mileage and range. On that pure interstate run I manage 10.3 MPG

During a two hour drive half on the trip the average fuel economy ended up being 6.64 MPG.

My bus is a 54 Pass with a 345 CI International V8

Ron 11-27-2004 10:17 AM

My bus is a 1990 72 passenger Bluebird with a 5.9 litre Cummins and 4 speed Allison automatic. I did the conversion myself to accomodate our other hobby of showing Purebred dogs (we travel with about 20 in the kennel section at the rear and up to 4 humans in the front). Over the past 6 months we've put approximately 5000 km on it travelling from our home in south eastern Ontario (east of Toronto) to various locations including Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Kalamazoo. I've calculated our mileage over that period of time to be 10 miles per US gallon. 99% of the time I drive it with my foot on the floor at around 90 to 95 km/hr or 60 mph. I run Mobil Delvac 1 5W40 Synthetiic oil in the engine. Realistically, I feel that's about as good as you can get for this size of vehicle.

JonCBrand 11-29-2004 07:15 PM

Foot on the floor driving.
Do most of you out there drive with the pedal floored when cruising?

Les Lampman 11-30-2004 04:02 PM

I'm pretty much right there with Ron...pedal to the floor gives me just under 60 and I average just a shade over 9mpg (DT466 diesel). I'd like to re-gear to get the rpm down some but then I'd probably have to have the fuel pump recalibrated to give me a bit more horsepower. Right now it climbs the mountains quite nicely. I'll see how it does once I get the 'real' conversion finished.

lapeer20m 11-30-2004 07:48 PM

i have the 6.6 liter ford, and i drive it all the way to the floor. According to the mechanic, the bus drivers do the same thing. Over 276,000 miles on the original engine and still going!

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