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cadillackid 09-23-2016 08:20 AM

got a bus in TX how do I drive it away?
Ok so i sort of bid on an auction, then sort of won! yeoow! so now I have need to pick up a bus in texas and drive it to ohio or florida..

im assuming i'll get a clear title from the auction company.. but in the houston area, how do I get a tag of some sort to drive it across the country ?

is there a way to get a temp tag in texas even though im an ohio resident?

if I just put a sign on it that says "vehicle in transit" am I gonna get bugged by every statie from texas to florida?

what have other out-of-staters done when buying in texas and driving out?


lindsaydagnew 09-23-2016 08:38 AM

We recently bought ours in Maryland and we live in Florida. We were able to get the title mailed to us. With the title, buyer's certificate, insurance, and driver's license I was able to walk out of the DMV with a temporary tag (30 days). I just stated that the vehicle was out of state and I needed a way to legally get it down. If they try to give you a hard time maybe ask for another person. I had to talk to two different people, one of which gave me the okay for a temp tag. They did ask the empty shipping weight of the bus and luckily I was able to find it online. I would suggest having this info as well.
That was two weeks ago and now I am trying to get it registered as a RV. I found a forum on here from 2 years back with info on that. Not sure which state you live in but it wasn't too much of hassle here in Florida. Congratulations and good luck!!

cadillackid 09-23-2016 08:45 AM

I live in ohio and florida.. but I reg all my vehicles in ohio(insurance and tags are simple in ohio.. its under 26k GVWR and removing seats in ohio constitutes capacity change so I'll do like I did my old Bluebird and reg it as a passenger van... the auctioneer needs the busses removed much quicker than a title will be mailed to me.. I understand people just drive them off the auction lot.. I think I'll call down there and see if they can be of help or I can get an extension on the removal date even if i have to pay a storage fee..


lindsaydagnew 09-23-2016 08:52 AM

Yeah we had to have it off the site after 5 business days of the auction closing. I just paid for it to be overnighted ($20) and went the next day to the tax collector's office then flew up and drove it down.

Tango 09-23-2016 08:57 AM

Texas issues temporary or "transit" tags that are good for 30 days and accepted in all other states.

cadillackid 09-23-2016 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by Tango (Post 164024)
Texas issues temporary or "transit" tags that are good for 30 days and accepted in all other states.

perfect! thanks.. so sounds like the plan is to pick it up and drive baby drive!

GreyCoyote 09-23-2016 10:05 AM

You "sorta" bid on a bus? LMAO!

You've got skoolie-friends in Texas. If you need anything, holler.

Which auction/bus did you "sorta" win? :biggrin:

cadillackid 09-23-2016 10:25 AM


Originally Posted by GreyCoyote (Post 164039)
You "sorta" bid on a bus? LMAO!

You've got skoolie-friends in Texas. If you need anything, holler.

Which auction/bus did you "sorta" win? :biggrin:

hehe well I was mildly looking for another bus and I wanted to learn how to use these auctions so I put a pretty low bid in but enough I could watch the proxy feature work.. and yeah i won lol..

cy-fair independent school district auction.
its a 2000 Bluebird 6 row short bus T444E / allison ? (chilichz looked at it in person and said it didnt look like a 545 or an MT643 so not sure which trans is in it? since it is a lighter duty chassis it may be a 1000?)..
appears to have white roof, tinted windows, and maybe A/C.. (it had it at one time dont know if it all is still there and works or not).

the dash looks like hydraulic brakes but the video has an air compressor under the hood so maybe its Air-ride?

alas anyway my aim is to drive it from cypress tx to either florida or ohio.

when I talked to the lady on the phone from the auctioneer she said my bill of sale that includes the VIN acts as a transit registration? ive never heard of that before.. im still not convinced that the cops will like that if I get stopped.. but then maybe yellow school busses minding their own business and not speeding or being reckless are ignored on the freeway...

my first bus came from a dealer so it was like a car, i had a title, and a temporary tag and no one bothered me..

the auctioneer mails the titles to the registered address from their office so i wont have a physical title in hand..


M1031A1 09-23-2016 11:00 AM


Hope ya stop on by Katy! I'd love to show off HF to ya as well. We have an extra room if you want to crash out overnight and get a good shower in the morning.

We can get you from any of the Houston area airports and help you save on taxis and so on.

Let us know if we can help!


cadillackid 09-23-2016 11:11 AM

this rocks!! TX made this easy.. i called the texas DMV.. and the nice lady said "you can go online and make yourself a temp tag for your new bus..

so I did! typed in the VIN number, my insurance policy number, name, address, and a credit card and BAM! a temporary tag popped up on my screen!!

so im licensed, insured, and too cool for school!


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