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Matchboxx 10-16-2016 06:06 PM

Speaker problem / replacement
Hi folks,

I'm new around here and found this place by trying to search for how to replace the speakers in my bus I've recently purchased, a 2005 Thomas Saf-T-Liner HDX.

I've seen a lot of discussion that speakers are sometimes wired strangely in buses (compared to cars) and that also you have to be careful and use the right ohm rating or you could blow the head unit. I know next to nothing about electrical engineering and series/parallel/etc. so a lot of this goes over my head.

However, what I am seeing is that, currently, the sound only comes out of the two front right speakers, and the two rear left speakers. Said differently, speakers that have sound:

Driver Door


So it seems like only one of two circuits is working and the circuits kind of zig zag through the bus (might be smart so that both sides can still kinda hear if one circuit fails) and/or two of four circuits have failed and this is just how it appears.

So to resolve this issue, am I looking at rewiring, or where should I begin?

And then for actually replacing the speakers entirely, I know my bus is 12V. Can I just use car speakers from Best Buy then, or do I need something different?

Thanks for any guidance!!

Kubla 10-16-2016 09:29 PM

You should check the radio connections first, sounds like something is loose or the radio has blown a channel

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