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StoneGuard 04-06-2017 03:37 PM

Excited Newbie
Hello Nomads!

Just wanted to introduce myself before you start seeing a million question posts from me (promise I'll at least do a search or two before posting, and link answers to previous posts are ok too!).

Little about us. I'm 37 (wife's age will remain undisclosed :hide:), about 5 years from finishing my 20 in the Air Force. Most people who "retire" from the military go on to work a second career, but my wife and I have kind of fallen in love with the idea of going full time on the road. We'll still have one kid living at home then, he'll be 15, but we've home schooled for years and he's the adventurous sort so he's already on board.

We started looking at the "traditional" full-time route, 5th wheel, but by the time you factor in needing to replace my Tundra with a beefier truck *and* get the 5th wheel, that option was tossed out. Then we looked at travel trailers, but the build quality just wasn't there. Started researching retrofitting TTs with higher quality materials and stumbled upon Skoolies. LOVE! Been doing research for a while and lurking on the forums for a bit but wanted to get some specific help and start getting active in the community. You all have some impressive rigs and a great vibe around here, so I'm excited to get started.

Oh, and while I'm new to Skoolies, I'm an Aircraft mechanic by trade, have worked for Caterpillar on heavy equipment. Worked for First Data repairing the machines that make credit cards. For electrical I've installed panels, sub panels, and new circuits. I've just recently picked up some plumbing skills and replaced my tank water heater with a tankless my self. I've done some framing, furniture building, stone work, and a few remodels of my own that I've learned a lot from. The Air Force is also sending me to a month long truck driving school in a couple weeks to get my CDL so I can drive the crash response tractor trailer for my shop. I'm completely new to Skoolies and full timing, but I'm here to learn from the accumulated wisdom of the ages, and have at least a small clue as to how big a project I'm biting off.

Thanks for reading!

CCurran88 04-06-2017 06:57 PM

Excellent and welcome! I too have lurked for a while, but bought my Buttercup last Friday and drove her home yesterday. I'm going to learn to weld, and all that other stuff - well, my husband is a professional contractor and does plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, etc. and will be showing me how to do it all. This is going to be so much fun!

christy 04-06-2017 10:53 PM

Awesome! Welcome to this forum.

Elliot Naess 04-07-2017 02:27 AM

Welcome, StoneGuard!
Sounds like you are well qualified to perform a skoolie conversion!

And since you are an Air Force aircraft mechanic.... Maybe I can recruit you to help with my Grumman Albatross? No, wait.... It was a Navy plane. Never mind. :biggrin:

jonnichols 04-07-2017 07:23 AM

Welcome aboard! Peruse through the information here and absorb as much as you can. There are a lot of different options and venues to go with your own bus home. Good luck!

Cabinbus 04-07-2017 08:47 AM

welcome friend you have plenty of experiance and desire im excited to see your progress

Robin97396 04-07-2017 09:08 AM


Sounds like we're building some Army, Navy, Airforce competition here!

miltruckman 04-07-2017 12:30 PM

an, welcome,

I am also x-USAF. About 15 years older than you. I didn't build the bus right out of the AF. I started the second career and and time passed by... just getting the bus on the road this year. Wish I had started earlier.

And it is a monumental project. 7 years so far for mine. I do over build though. And i was fitting the bus build around having a family and a 60 hour a week job. I would suggest keeping it pretty simple if you want to get it done in less than two or three years.


StoneGuard 04-07-2017 03:19 PM

Thanks for the responses all! Glad to be here.

Luckily I don't have anything against navy planes, or other branches (my dad was Army after all), but a little healthy competition can be fun.

I've spent quite a few hours now reading and I'm ready to ask for some of that sage advice myself, lol!

I hear you Miltruck. I've got to finish the reno on my attic before I can start the bus, and I'm chomping at the bit! 5 years sounds like a lot right now, but it can go quick!

New2Skool 04-07-2017 09:45 PM

Welcome to the Skoolie life and congrats on your twenty years.
Wear your safety gear and have fun doing your bus work.

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