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Drop out 09-01-2017 05:20 AM

Hi, I'm considering a Schoolie conversion for full time
I chose Drop out as a handle because I'm trying to get out of the rat race.

I have been looking at used (90s) class A RVs but Schoolies seem to be built better and converting myself would allow me to know about everything onboard.

When I look at standard class A RV floorplans, they seem to be fairly good except they waste a lot of space with dining tables and chairs instead of a folding table and folding chairs for entertaining. They also use sleeper sofas which make poor beds and poor sofas. The bathrooms look like bad 90s remodels. The kitchens are somewhat lacking too.

If I have a chance to make my own floorplan, I'll have a guest bedroom with a nice bed, a nice couch in the living room, a kitchen that suits my needs, a bathroom that feels roomy and looks nice and maybe even a workbench/fume hood so I can keep some of my messy hobbies without messing up my home.

I'm working on floorplan ideas and creating a wish list so I can try to budget for money and conversion time. Speaking of budget, it is probably low on money, time is the big question. If I'm not working, time is plentiful and I am skilled enough to tackle a roof raising but not working makes for budget issues. I'm hoping for a nice juicy contract job for a good payday and a firm end date so I can dedicate several months to conversion and go in with enough money to get the job done.

I have a few crazy ideas which might make that guest bedroom work out and I would like to have modern systems, like lots of solar, maybe enough to run AC. Hopefully my situation will allow me to try some.

New2Skool 09-01-2017 09:59 AM

Hi Drop Out,
I agree Skoolies are better than RVs, construction standards do not compare. The steel on steel bus construction versus the stick and staple of RV construction. Plus, you nailed it knowing everything about your future home is critical when you build your own custom home on wheels.

As far as the budget, I am not sure. A lot of folks here have put a lot of money into their skoolies and had amazing end products and a lot of people are very good reclaiming, repurposing and salvaging materials with amazing results. It sounds like time is on your side, my understanding personally and with observation is the more time the better.

Your research and planning is critical and you seem to be above par on that front. I am moving in the same direction as you, a mix of power sourcing, solar, shore power, self generated. My regional climate is extreme hot humid summers and bitterly cold winters. AC and Heat is important, the power sources are of more importance.

Be prepared for constant changes in your lay out design. My lay out was perfect several times and slightly changed several times. You can do it and it will be fun and worth it in the end.

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