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KaptnKAOS 07-08-2007 01:42 AM

Olde Skool update 7-7-07
Hey Guys...

Wow, I can't believe that it has be this long since I have done an update on my Olde Skool project.
I have be doin' alot of interior prep work as time has allowed.
Thunderfoot has been tryin' to help me rig up some intermittent wiper switches (IWS), but it looks like it won't work.
As we narrowed things down, it was looking more and more like the bus wiring and the truck wiring were just to different to make the conversion work. The bus has two separate motors and switches (one for each side) we figured just about every conceivable wire connection we could think of. The bus wipers only have 4 wires with one as a run wire. It seems that the bus switch musta had an interior bridged wire with a resistor somehow. Since it only had one feed wire to the motor... switch in position one: low power feed to motor, switch in postion two: high power feed to motor using the same feed wire.
One of the bus switches was bad, so I replaced both with switches from a bump pickup. Wiring in the harness side plugs as well. I was really hoping to use an IWS. Now I have both sides working but with only one speed (high). Evidently, the bump switches must not have the same resistor set up as the original bus switches. oh well, around here I would much rather have high speed than low speed.
I got a lot of painting done the last two days as well, the cabin area is just about 2/3's of the way painted now... after it's done the rest of the painting is really gonna be a piece of cake... I will be done with Rustolum and a roller just like '71's highboy. I am hoping to have the cabin pretty much finished by monday.
Heck, I even managed to make it out to a wreckin' yard today.
I found Olde Skool's younger but bigger brother. It is a dent side F-600 bus, but there are a few things I can salvage... the funny thing is that I coulda had the whole bus a couple years ago for nothin'. It ran great and I coulda drove it home for nothin'. I just didn't have a place to put it so I had to pass on it.
Oh well, just wasn't ment to be... after looking at the two buses I like mine alot better. I like the rounder look of the bump series Bluebird rather than the square boxy look of the next generation. Not sure who made the body... I think it was Carpenter, it's a lot differant than mine.

budup budup budup ... thats all folks !!!

except for addin' a couple of pics of the recent work.

if ya double click on the images it links to the host site and ya can see them full size... enjoy

Cabin 2

dash pieces

take care,

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