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Elliot Naess 08-09-2007 12:07 AM

Re: !! Tires !!
On the back I put high quality recaps -- from the same supplier as we use at the trucking company where I work. It used to be that the cap itself came from a big roll, and there would be a seam -- which sometimes contributed to the cap coming off. But now you can get caps that are made as a hoop and slipped onto the casing "sideways".

I've seen fresh recaps blow sidewalls, so the source of the casings is important -- the inspection they perform before they approve the casing for recapping, that is. X-rays and whatnot.

On the front I put new Chinese tires -- Double Coin brand. Hate to buy Chinese stuff, but....

Have not driven enough on them to have anything to report yet.

the_experience03 08-09-2007 12:41 PM

Re: !! Tires !!
My rear tires are the virgin Goodyear radials that the bus came with. It needed new front tires when I got it and I was/am poor (damn schoolage.....) so I put some cheap Chinese bias play virgins on the front. I actually haven't noticed any issues with them other than that they like to think they should be square shaped instead of round after sitting for awhile. We've been through the bias ply versus radial debate and I think we determined that I was ok having bias on front and radial on the rear as that would lead to understeer, not oversteer. Either way it works I will consider doing bias on the rear if and when I need to replace those unless I score a deal on some radial take-offs.

Elliot Naess 08-09-2007 12:47 PM

Re: !! Tires !!

...ok having bias on front and radial on the rear as that would lead to understeer, not oversteer.

lapeer20m 08-10-2007 11:57 PM

Re: !! Tires !!
i also bought some ling long made in china steer tires. you gotta have good steer tires. they were more than $100 per tire cheaper than any amercian tires. It was still over 500 for the pair i'm pretty sure.

i dont' worry too much about the rear tires. Skoolie tires go a long time when they are mostly bald....and most of us don't carry enough weight that we really need all 4 tires in the rear. Besides that's what good sam is for eh?

i do have a spare tire that i pretty much only take with me on long trips. I have all the tools to change the tire, but most of the time i'd probalby just call good sam and let them come change it for free

i did have a flat tire once when i was in california. I drove 100 miles or so stopping frequently to make sure neither of the tires were getting too hot. I drove to a tire shop and had them change it for me.....even bought a new used spare for like 80 bucks or something. didn't even charge me labor for putting it on and off there....i guess that's the advantage of migrant labor.

boojiewoojie 08-15-2007 06:55 PM

Re: !! Tires !!
Hey, where in TN are you? When I drove for Nashville schools the company that picked up their old tires told me I could come by their place and he would slip me some new tires that had passed the expiration date. I have yet to go by there, but from what I've read it sounds like they are perfectly good tires, that it's mostly a liability issue. He said they can't sell them but that they export them to Mexico. Also, if you're friendly with the local bus garage they may let you have some tires that are still legal but taken off a school bus as routine maintenance.

Jarlaxle 09-15-2007 09:26 AM

Re: !! Tires !!
I have take-off Goodyear G159's on the front, & Bandag-capped Bridgestones (also take-offs) on the rear, 11R22.5 all around.

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