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Ronnie 04-05-2018 07:46 PM

" The bus"
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Here is our bus as it arrived on Christmas Eve. 1971 International with a Wayne body. 392 gas engine, and 6 speed Allison auto. We have gutted it and, insulated, and put all new walls and window trim. Bathroom is almost complete now, just needs the toilet installed. Kitchen is rough framed. 12 volt electric is done other then the solar panels. I do have some small panels just for now. 110 volt wiring is done, with two roof top a/c units.

The bus has not run in years, although very low mileage. Engine is free and has good compression, but fuel system is a mess so basically starting over with that and converting to fuel injection. Might as well set it up as I want it to start with. As the weather warms up will be getting it running. Besides real work has slowed bus work down a bit at the moment.

Plan to paint it black other then the roof, which will stay white. My wife has drawn up pin striping and graphics she would like to put on. She is excited to get on with painting it.

No name yet, just "the bus" for now.

Tango 04-05-2018 07:48 PM

Get the engine and running gear in shape before investing too much on other stuff. Some of the "oldies" can rapidly suck a bank account dry with lots of "little things".

See my avatar for references.

Ronnie 04-05-2018 08:13 PM

Like your bus, had thought of something from the 40's myself, but this one landed in my lap so to speak, and we both like the style. Also I have had Internatoional trucks of this vintage so am familier with them. The brakes are where I expect to have to put some money into. Tires are on the way. I am an experianced mechanic and have built several hot rods, and trucks. So have a good feel for the mechanical end of things. Must say I do think it would be cheaper to buy a newer bus that is already running then to restore an oldie. I want an oldie though, and am prepared to do what it takes.

Tango 04-05-2018 08:15 PM

Ya ...I hear you. Just something about the old iron that pulls you in. Sounds like you have a good handle on things so it will be a fun build to follow.

Ronnie 05-18-2018 08:23 PM

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A few more pictures. New walls and window trim. We did some repairs to the roof, so my wife is going to paint the ceiling, while I get on with mechanical stuff. Bathroom is done except for towel racks and shower curtain

Yukon Cornelius 05-19-2018 09:48 AM

Nice looking rig, and this will be a thread to watch me thinks

Ronnie 05-25-2018 06:06 PM

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latest pictures of the bathroom. The shower is just off the picture to the right, the slight bit of green.

o1marc 05-25-2018 06:38 PM

Nice bathroom work.:thumb:

Ronnie 05-25-2018 07:17 PM

Thanks, it is mostly my wife's work

Yukon Cornelius 05-26-2018 11:56 AM

looking pretty good :thumb:

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