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Rovobay 04-21-2018 09:24 AM

Skoolie Doo
I need to start a thread of my build. I won my bus on auction Wednesday evening picked it up Friday morning and drove it home. I was happy with the drive. They were nice enough to give me an over half full tank of fuel!!! ran 65mph easily. 90 minutes later I got it home and went to town on it. got the seats out, deleted the heaters in the middle and back, removed the front mirrors, new windshield wipers, various mechanical checks. here are some pic (I hope). total length is 28 ft. 19.5 behind the drivers seat.

more pics in a few

Rovobay 04-21-2018 09:58 AM

Had a horrible time trying to get images to show up using photobucket and google images. I finally got it to work with imgur. no idea what the problem was. here are some pics after I got Skoolie Doo home.

Twigg 04-21-2018 10:13 AM

This forum does not play nicely with Google Images.

It's why I use a decent 3rd Party host.

cadillackid 04-21-2018 11:21 AM

great lookin bus!! looks to be in nice shape!!!!

Gustav 04-21-2018 11:43 AM

Score!! Nice unit with a flat floor. Looking forward to the progress.

mikerob643 04-27-2018 12:37 PM

AH I see some dreaded L tracks in the floor there. I'm still battling getting those out of my bus. Are yours coming out easy?

Rovobay 04-27-2018 12:57 PM

Update. I have been pricing out parts that I think I will need in my bus. I was going to keep it pretty basic as this is not a fully time live in. searching craigslist, local used places, online, etc., I decided it would be more economical to look for a donor RV to salvage what I need, recycle what I can, and take the rest to the dump.

I found and purchased a 1995 S&S 14' camper which recently had water damage to the front where the sleeping area is. I am going to cannibalize that entire thing.

Things I initially was looking to buy individually for my simple build was:

Stove/Range combo
2-way Refrigerator
Rooftop a/c unit
RV sink

for the purchase price of the camper at $750 I got all of that plus a heck lot more including some bonuses.

Awning (around 10', great condition)
Ladder (hopefully the length will work)
holding tanks (Fresh, Grey, Black)
hot water heater
service panel
RV door (if I go that route)
SOOOO much more.

I am pretty excited, but I think my build just got a lot more in-depth.

I will post pics later. :)

o1marc 04-27-2018 01:12 PM

Where does one look fir salvage RV's?

Rovobay 04-27-2018 01:45 PM


Originally Posted by o1marc (Post 266257)
Where does one look fir salvage RV's?

Marc, I was just looking for parts on craigslist and noticed a fixer upper that just popped up. there are a ton of water damaged rv's that people just want to unload. they are spendy to fix. here in Portland, OR we get a lot of rain and a lot of people who don't spend the time to keep their roof sealed good, thus they will all eventually leak. This is huge reason I wanted a school bus. (yes, I know they can leak, but are much less prone)

Rovobay 04-28-2018 09:56 AM

Got it to my buddies house where I have room to do the demo. I want to get a start on it immediately but I gotta do family business first. Girl (7) to swimming, and probably the boy (3) to urgent care... He has asthma thus prone to pneumonia and was super wheezy all night.

love the awning. S&S builds great campers. too bad this little unit got water damage. I am excited to tear this thing apart.

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