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Taillights FaDe 03-21-2008 02:25 PM

1985 Int'l/Bluebird Air Filter Housing Needed
Hey guys,

We are gettin' ready to head north towards Camp Zoe for our Camp Out, with many stops between here and there, and our girl needs a air filter housing lid (approx. 13" diameter) or the whole assembly (7.5" tall) and the 4" plastic hose that attaches to it. She is a 1985 Int'l/Bluebird with a 6.9L.

We are also looking to put together a "Spare Parts" box for her to include such pesky items as waterpump, fuel pump, starter, alternator, radiator, etc. We are looking for inexpensive used working parts.

We are pretty new at this and just want to get her ready for a year long cross country trip.

We are also looking to convert her to WVO as soon as possible. Anyone interested in donating knowledge, time, heck maybe even some $$ (LOL) to aid us in this cause please contact us. Maybe you could use our help in return for your help???

Thanks guys,
Virgil & Marina

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