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pengyou 05-12-2019 07:02 AM

Detroit Series 50 8.3l 4 cylinder a 40 foot bus...yet rated at 300 hp and 1,000 ft pounds of torque. Is this engine (combined with the right transmission and rear end) likely to push this mobile brick to 80 mph? I don't intent to do that often - I am looking at 65 mph cruising speed. It is 8.5 liters That's 2 liters per cylinder! Is this a durable engine? What are the differences (practically speaking) between a 4 cylinder 8.5l and a 6 cylinder 8.3?

Alan N 05-12-2019 10:57 AM

It is supposed to be a good engine, often used to replace ageing two stroke Detroits.
I suggest you ask your question over at You should be able to get an answer there from someone with practical personal experience.

PNW_Steve 05-12-2019 11:05 AM

Edit - Accidental post.......

I had the series 40 & series 50's confused.

TJones 05-12-2019 11:06 AM

My limited knowledge of this engine is they are a series 60 block and crank that is missing 2 cylinders. They have the addition of counterbalance shafts that help with engine vibration. They were commonly used in city transit buses. As far a reliability and maintenance I have no idea.


WARGEAR 05-12-2019 06:45 PM

The short answer is YES. Flat land top speed with the necessary gearing could be 80MPH+ even with the wind resistance. There is enough power there.

Booyah45828 05-13-2019 11:11 AM

300 hp with the right gearing is plenty to get you to 80 mph on flat ground. Going up a grade, however, will require your total weight to factor in.

I've never heard anything bad about the series 50. Just that they vibrate a lot and eat motor mounts.

MarkyDee 05-13-2019 12:47 PM

And noisy as all get-out (at least at hi-idle).

If I've got it set at hi-idle, you can hear my Series 60 upwards of a mile away if the wind is blowing just right; and you can feel it at about 150-200 ft.

Lo-idle is much, much better: you can barely tell its running.

Funny story - a police officer drove past my house while I was hi-idling. I was sitting in the driver's seat and I saw his face - he was really close to stopping. He saw me and kept on going. Don't know why he didn't stop....

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