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PenGwin 08-16-2019 05:15 PM

1994 GMC 24' Bluebird: Chuckles the Adventure Bus
Stats: 24-foot 1994 Bluebird on GMC B7 Chassis with Eaton 5-speed MidRange Transmission with 135144 miles

Chuckles the Adventure Bus began his life as a school bus for the Shell Knob School District in the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri. Isn’t that just fun to say?

The second owner was Los Chileros - a chile company in New Mexico - who painted the exterior various shades of blue and pink (and added the giant Virgin de Guadalupe sticker to the interior) and used it to give tours around Albuquerque.

I began his latest iteration in 2018, converting Chuckles to a Skoolie for my family of five’s summer-long trip around the Western U.S.

Chuckles rocked 8,000 miles and six mountain passes (full disclosure: slowly) without a single breakdown, all while giving my family the trip of a lifetime. We’ve got to return to work and school, and I fear Chuckles will become bored …

Specs on the Good Life Support Systems

1994 GMC B7 Medium Duty Gasoline Engine w/ 60 gallon tank. Owner’s manual included
MANUAL Eaton FS 4005 B Transmission. Rebuilt at 126,000 miles. Paperwork available.
All 6 tires replaced at 125,000 miles.
Hydraulic Brakes

12V photovoltaic system
3@ 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panels
4@ Trojan T105 batteries for a total of 12V/450 Amp-hour system.
Bogart Engineering SC-2030 Charge Controller and Trimetric 2030
Samlex 600W 12V Inverter
Blue Sea Systems 12-circuit DC Load Center
ThinLite LED DC dimmable lighting fixtures (x2)

20 lbs. swapable tank in custom welded cage beneath bus.
Steel black pipe feeds a Gasland 2-burner Range (Model GH30BF) and T’s off to an exterior quick-connect. This quick connect feeds an INCLUDED outdoor/hang off side of the bus Faulkner Grill (see pictures).

30-gallon freshwater tank feeds kitchen faucet and drinking water faucet (iSpring filtration system) via Whale Gusher Foot Pump. External gravity feed for refilling (50-foot hose included)
5-gallon greywater tank from sink feed.
Thetford Porta Potty 550P Marine Toilet with Pump (Unused – we prefer a shovel)

Refrigerator: 5.8 CF Sundanzer 12V DC. Important Note: The SUN will now make your BEER … COLD!:dance:
Stovetop: Gasland Chef 2-burner (2800-9500 BTU burners on LPG)
Sink: Stainless steel 17” long x 12”w x 8”d w/ faucet; drinking water faucet and built-in soap dispenser
Countertop: Maple butcherblock 60” long x 29”deep
Storage: 5 full-slide drawers and 1 cabinet drawer beneath counter
Pantry above fridge: 13”wide x 13”deep x 60”long

Hurri-Hot Bluebird Heating System
12V Freedom Fan Model 124C

5-partition cubby in rear of bus: 88” long; 13”d; 18”h
2 storage boxes at rear: 24” long; 34” w; 25” high (one has a cutout to accommodate Thetford)
Shoe/Water bottle cubby at entrance holds 12 shoes and 5 water bottles
Additional storage beneath couches/beds

Seatbelts for a total of 7 passengers (including driver)

2 facing couches convert to bedding for 4. There is space on the floor for a fifth to sleep on an air mattress (which is how we spent our summer)

Fire truck fixtures mounted to the side of the bus hold broom; shovel; and tarp (which attaches to d-rings on passenger side of bus as awning – see pictures)
Folding table – fits between rear storage box and rear wall of bus and able to be used between couches. Camping chairs/firewood/tents/etc. also easily fit in that space with table.
Screens and curtains: Utilize amazing magnet technology with metal walls of bus for easy on/off
Jumper cables: You can jump yourself thanks to the Trojan T-105s!
Compressor: These tires run at 75 psi – not something you can pull off at a gas station. Battery power compressor rated up to 100 psi included.
Hidden-shackle hasp padlock by Masterlock at rear door to secure bus

San Antonio, TX.
Price: Please help me out here experts! Most of the comments I've seen on other sales suggest most anything/everything is overpriced (OK, the $70k one definitely deserved that .... :eek:).
I know we're all bargain hunters (or else we would have paid too much for an RV), but I also know I put a lot of money and time into the bus too. My guess is I will end up selling it somewhere else as we're mostly builders and not buyers, but I would really appreciate knowing your best guess of worth so I can triple it:whistling:

I SWEAR I read the post "How to post PICTURES AND VIDEO on skoolie" And I tried. Honest, Martha, I tried!

And yet .... :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead: ... technology always beats me. :surrender: (Now you know why I've never posted anything about my build)

So with the help of a teenager I made a google pics album: Hope that helps ...

In Conclusion
For helping me build this bus in the first place, any advice on improving my sales post, suggestions on price range, and most especially for "Let me give you all my money" buy-it-now offers, I simply say:


PNW_Steve 08-17-2019 09:44 AM

Are you asking $70k??


PenGwin 08-17-2019 10:17 AM

God no I'm not asking $70k. Dream price is $32k. But based on comments I've read here on other completed skoolie sales, I suspect that might be pie in the sky, which is why I'm seeking feedback.

Like I mentioned, I'm no good with pics on this forum despite reading the post. Does the google link in the original post not work?

o1marc 08-17-2019 11:01 AM


Originally Posted by PNW_Steve (Post 343701)
Are you asking $70k??


I think he wants our opinion on what it's worth. He was commenting on who we always say they are over priced, the $70k one definitely was over priced.
There's a link to pics in the OP.

LadyScraps 08-18-2019 10:08 AM

Yes the link to the images work. Let me know when you settle on a price��

PenGwin 08-26-2019 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by LadyScraps (Post 343827)
Yes the link to the images work. Let me know when you settle on a price��

How about $20k or best offer? I got the bus reasonably cheap and then spent $15k on conversion and tires/transmission.

One important thing to note, because a lot of wise people on this forum really believe it to be important: I did no additional insulation on this bus. There is pre-existing fiberglass insulation in the walls and roof. I just loved the fun/convenience of magnets too much to get rid of the metal walls.

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