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TheCruxBus 08-26-2019 03:54 PM

Hello Everyone!
Hello ALL.

My name is Tom, just bought a 1998 Chevy Bluebird 19 footer (Nice and small 4 window :biggrin:) looking forward to learning a lot from all of you. I'm located on long Island. Looking to be done with my build by spring of 2020. Many photos and videos to come!! Thanks for having me!

brokedown 08-26-2019 04:04 PM

Welcome to the site! What are your plans for your new bus?

TheCruxBus 08-26-2019 06:08 PM

Bus plan!

Originally Posted by brokedown (Post 345145)
Welcome to the site! What are your plans for your new bus?

Hey! So my plans are as follows with room for suggestions and changes lol.

-Painting it white going to accent it later with a color not sure what yet.
-Demo whole floor, insulate, and throw down some snap vinyl.
-Possibly cedar ceilings or some sort of wood or maybe just leaving it for now.
-Full XL bed, pantry, dinette converting to a table and bed for tiny guests lol.
-Swivel captain seat
-Kitchen with propane stove in counter, sink and chest freezer converted to a fridge.
-Small upper cabinets.
-Grey and fresh water tank with city hook up.
-2 or 3 solar panels, goal zero 1250 or make my own bank, attached to a fuse box that will run all other systems, and a separate fuse box for 12v systems.
-Led lights and possible back up camera with new radio deck that can run on shore or my other electric when parked up.

Air conditioner I would like to use the one in the bus but Iím not sure if thatís possible without running idle. It appears that when I put the bus in accessory mode it is running but that may just be the fans not cold air. If thatís the case prob just a RV fan installation.

Then once all insured and registered Iíll add a deck if thereís room!

Thatís the overall plan I officially get the bus in a week thatís when imma take the seats out and start mapping it out.

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