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Danjo 08-26-2019 05:56 PM

Wet Bath Pan and Flange
Hi, anyone have experience with wet baths? I wasnít going to do it, but now Iím thinking about it.

Iíve been looking around for how the flange seals around the pan and havenít found anything conclusive about how this is done. I was thinking of using a standard pan and a Dometic toilet.

Thanks for your help!

Ghaniba 08-27-2019 10:50 AM

Not sure if this helps you at all -- I was originally going to do a wet bath, just like a boat. Then one day whilst reviewing this idea in my head I realized one very important fact... I didn't have a bilge.

That, coupled with what I've heard others say about living with a wet bath -- it gets old, quick. Everything is always wet. Wet socks when you just go to use the toilet. Less than ideal, or exciting for those who dealt with it, post build.

Dave aka Ghan

gs1949 08-27-2019 11:21 AM

When I saw the title of this thread, I didn't think I knew what a wet bath is. But after reading just a little I realized that I did know.

I spent a few years teaching at universities in China. Wet baths are the norm in China, and I think they are just terrible.

My advice would be if you like mopping up messes, frequently, then get a wet bath. Otherwise do it the western way with a shower pan. It's much less trouble.

Danjo 08-27-2019 12:47 PM

I should say first that I am really trying to have a bathroom without having a bathroom. I’m starting a new thread for that right now. I’m designing the layout for a short bus so space is limited. I didn’t want to add partitions, but I want a toilet. If I make a room for the toilet it needs space in front of it to stand and turn around. I was going to do an outside shower, but I figure since I need to consume all that space in front of the toilet I might as well use it for the shower.

There’s a little extra effort involved in using a wet bath. We had one in one of the motorhomes I had growing up. We didn’t use it much having almost always stayed in campgrounds. But we had some prime fishing spots where we had to boondock and we would use it there when the fish smell got to be too much. The trick to using a wet bath is having a big sponge and a small bucket to dry it after use.

gs1949 08-27-2019 02:31 PM

That's true, if you have time, but when rushing to an early class or something, it's not something I appreciated. And Chinese bathrooms are not small. In university buildings they're quite large.

Chinese have trouble understanding why some one would see a shower enclosure as necessary. I saw their attitude more as a convergence of a cultural fear of being alone, and their poor construction techniques.

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