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gmkdart 07-30-2008 09:47 PM

Buying a first bus
We have found a 1978 gillig we want to buy on the east coast, to do a simple conversion (read very basic systems-- DC power or even just headlamps and flashlights propane stove and maybe fridge, woodstove for heat, composting toilet). Anyway, is there anything in particular we should look for as far as a 1978 gillig goes. The owners say the engine was rebuild and has 14k. They did say there is a small transmission fluid leak. Other than that they swear by the bus's condition...
I'd appreciate any thoughts about purchasing a first bus.

Lady Franklin 08-03-2008 04:00 PM

Re: Buying a first bus
Find out how long it was sitting. Look over the under side for signs of rust, a little is normal but I have looked underneath buses only to see the interior roof! Check all hoses and tires carefully. The engine may be new but if they are original hoses you may have to replace them. Hoses should be slightly squishy without cracks, also if they are very hard they tend to get brittle. Remember that the bus your looking at is old and even if the engine is new the other parts could be original. Consider taking it in for a mechanical going over by a professional. I bought an 89 Thomas built on an International Truck body with a 7.3 Diesel for $1700.00 with 100K miles on it so make sure you are getting a comparably decent price on your unit. I love the style of the older buses but is it worth the risk of having such an old unit if your not doing a ground up restore???

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