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baadpuppy 08-12-2008 09:29 AM

yard work...
it's amazing how much yard work you can do with a bus.

Need some area of the yard packed hard? Just drive over it a few times.

Need a few bushes gone? A chain and a short drive with the bus, and they're long gone.

Want to get rid of a stump? Again, the chain and bus makes short work of it.

Or what I ran into this weekend... I needed 11 mobile home anchors (30" long with 2 spiral blades near the bottom) out of the yard. So out comes the chain and the bus, and the problem is quickly gone. I even took some pictures The bus barely even noticed the effort. Except the one time I was pulling at an angle and had the front wheels turned, then the corner dipped a little bit during the pull. It took maybe 15 minutes from start to finish.

Unfortunately there are some projects around the house that must be accomplished before I begin my actual conversion. However, the bus is proving useful even with these projects. For example, this week I have to get some new lumber for one project, and we will be storing it in the bus to keep it dry until we use it. The good thing is that I'll have more help in my conversion because I helped with these projects, plus I'll benefit from the projects in the mean time.

There is one benefit to delaying my conversion though. You guys keep doing neat things that cause me to rethink some of my planning. I have to say I've rethought almost everything at least once, and each iteration of rethinking it gets it that much closer to "ideal". :D


wmah 08-13-2008 07:41 PM

Re: yard work...
No pics of the stump pulled out?

I pulled one out with the truck last month. I wouldn't have even tried the bus as I'm sure I would have got it stuck in that part of the yard as I did have to use 4wheel low to do this. I did have to dig and cut roots.

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