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wdbowers 12-24-2008 07:50 PM

Excessive Steering Wheel Play Causes?
Vanderbus is a 90 model Ward on a GMC chassis. It has 133 K miles on it. The steer tires are in good shape with no scallops or visible toe in or out. However when I drive it there seems to be to much "play" in the steering wheel. I am constantly moving the wheel back and forward to maintain a straight line. I know there are several probable causes for this symptom but what I am asking is if this has ever happened to you, what did it wind up taking to fix the problem? And is there a website that caters to parts needs for buses. Most parts houses that I have talked to get the hiccups when you tell them you have an 18 year old bus.

the_experience03 12-24-2008 08:16 PM

Re: Excessive Steering Wheel Play Causes?
You need to go get an idler arm I dare say. GM has always been notorious for eating the things up in the trucks. Jack up the front end and rock the wheels side to side to see for play and hang off all the linkage. Anything that's really bad should be apparent when you do. If you don't find anything than have someone get in the bus and turn the wheel with it on the ground. Watch the pitman arm and idler arm. I bet they will twist and climb. Any movement other than swinging perfectly from side to side means they're junk. When you need to find parts refer to it as a G30 cab chassis (assuming it is a van) and they will be less confused.

Oh yeah...have you checked your shocks? Usually people don't realize what a difference dampeners make because they generally fail over a long period of time, but once you get a new set on you kick yourself for not doing it sooner.

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