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adamanderr 02-17-2009 07:44 PM

better to carry or tow extra weight.
Would it be better to tow my excess weight, say load up up my tow vehicle, or have it in the bus. also what amount of wieght can i safely tow approx. i made an extra heavy duty 2in hitch but what about the drop from the bumper to bumper height, any experience or pics on this issue.

Castro 02-17-2009 08:58 PM

Re: better to carry or tow extra weight.
What kind of bus? How much do you have in it already?

The way I figured it, if a bus was designed to handle 70 passengers, it had to handle 70 150lb high-schoolers to school and still be within normal weight range. That means it was designed to handle 10,000lbs of rugrats. Yes, it is an over-simplification (and probably off by a few thousand), but the gist is that you can put a lot in there before you need to start worrying.

For towing, I think that your biggest restriction is going to be your hitch. I had a hitch specially made to hold 20,000lbs and...well....I tried to flex that one time. I towed a 7,000lb RV multiple times and it felt like it wasnt even back there.

icnivad 02-18-2009 11:42 AM

Re: better to carry or tow extra weight.
I would guess if you are within the weight limit of your axles, then carrying the weight in the bus is probably a little better on the mileage. Less wheel friction and all. If you need to carry larger things than you can fit in the bus, or more weight than your axles can handle, then you should tow. The friction from the extra wheels isn't very significant and you probably wouldn't notice a difference. One thing you probably shouldn't do is carry stuff on your roof. This will create wind resistance that will be quite a bit worse than a trailer as well as give the bus a higher center of gravity which will make it feel more like a boat.

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