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Redbear 03-07-2009 06:54 PM

Re: Got Satellite Internet??
It 's probably not a bad price. Many tripod satellite users in RVs are switching to air cards - no hassle, speeds like dial-up in bad areas, and like basic DSL in good ones. The ones who are wandering away from civilization or NEED to be always on are keeping satellite, either as sole access or as a backup. Of course, there are the automatic motor-driven ones that make it easy in exchange for big buck$$.

Why pay for a new unit when there are used out there? I'm tempted to grab it, but not ready to use one.

It looks like the poster has a fixed unit - a skoolie would need to add one of those surveyor's heavy-duty tripod set-ups. It also takes training to point them. It's not like DirecTV where if you miss your mark there's no picture, you could jam the wrong satellite and they'll come looking for you.

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