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gotmuddy 04-29-2009 11:32 PM

1993 International "Brick" toyhauler
My wife came up with the name brick. The cab is 37.5ft long from the front of the doghouse to the rear door. We will be using 16-17ft for hauling atvs and whatnot and using the rest for a camper. I intend to make a lay down door/ramp for loading. We haven't finalized a floorplan yet but I will upload a pic of the preliminary stuff in a bit.

The bus is a 1993 Amtran Genesis international with a dt466/allison. 80k miles. This is our first conversion and we will need lots of help. Here are some preliminary questions:

1)Generator mounting: I bought a 4k onan off ebay and cant decide where to mount it. Some of the posts have said to put it between the framerails but I fear it will catch too much dust there. What say you?

2)AC: We are looking at a 13.5kbtu heat pump. After reading the post in the other forum I am thinking about putting a small window unit in the bedroom for extra ooomph.

We will be getting as much free/used stuff as we can. This weekend we are going to Carthage, MO to a rv salvage yard to look for stuff like storage tanks and such. Here are some pics from the ebay ad:!BQ!Ki4g!Wk~...HYhY!~~_12.JPG!BQ!LReQ!mk~...V8gUg~~_12.JPG

I drove it 600 miles home, which was a saga in itself!

gotmuddy 04-29-2009 11:59 PM

Re: 1993 International "Brick" toyhauler
I just checked the tag on the rear diff, 4.78:1, that must be why I was able to do 65-70 on the highway.

gotmuddy 04-30-2009 10:40 AM

Re: 1993 International "Brick" toyhauler
I am thinking about putting it in the very rear of the bus, right by the back door.

paul iossi 05-01-2009 08:27 AM

Re: 1993 International "Brick" toyhauler
welcome aboard;
good looking bus, lots of belly storage and a bullet proof driveline with plenty of power.
before you mount the genny work on your floorplans and try toget close to your final layout, my opinion it that you want to mount the genny on the left side away from the outside camping area(people), due to noise and exhaust issues, the other consideratons are if it needs to stick up thru the floor, do you want it under a closet or counter, will it be an issue with floor space in the garage.
put it where you have easy access for maintainence(oil checks) and it can get lots of fresh air for cooling.

gotmuddy 05-01-2009 06:17 PM

Re: 1993 International "Brick" toyhauler
The genny came in today. It is alot smaller than I expected tomorrow my wife and I are going to a salvage yard to look for a toilet and some water tanks. I have a 100 gal fuel tank off of a semi that we may use for grey water

gotmuddy 05-03-2009 03:34 PM

Re: 1993 International "Brick" toyhauler
We went to Colaw rv salvage yesterday and found a few deals. We got a nice used hand flush toilet for $75. We were going to get a new one for $120 but the owner said the used one is a better design and more reliable than the new one. We got a new jacknife couch/bed for $300, a blackwater tank for $50, and we found some cabinets that they are going to pull on monday. Here is a pic of the cabinets:

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