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lugnutzz 06-26-2009 12:43 PM

Adding A/C to a Deer Camp Bus
hello.. i am new here and new the bus conversions.. i am a fairly decent at best handy man.. i have a couple years of electrical experience too.. i bought a bus that was already at my deer camp but its gutted on inside and has no A/C in it.. it is a permanent bus as it does have wheels and tires but not motor or trans but it does have a A-frame tow hitch on front so it could be moved if it had to be.. i am wanting to add a medium sized window A/C unit to it.. what is the best way and place for it..

bus is gutted but previous owner had bunk queen beds in very back of bus with a toilet next to them on right hand side of bus with a partion wall on each side with a open door way in the middle. just up from that is the sink and counter top. directly across from sink kinda of driver side drive wheels is a 5-element propane heater. the rest of the bus is open and gutted...

### EDIT ###
i have shore power/water only... it is pretty much a permanent set-up...

lugnutzz 06-26-2009 02:35 PM

Re: Adding A/C to a Deer Camp Bus
yeah i have only shore power/water.. i have considered two units, two running at lower speeds be quieter and more efficient that one larger one...

lugnutzz 06-26-2009 04:10 PM

Re: Adding A/C to a Deer Camp Bus
i hear you about the "homebrewing" as i have built a few "homebrew" trail cameras... the bus is wired somewhat with 12/2 romex... i will add walls and insulation to it as well..

here in mississippi there are days in december when you need a little a/c during the heat of the day.. and yes we will use some as a summer get-a-way for a night or two...

VanGuy-- i really like your bus and pictures... i think i will do mine similar fashion for the walls... how ever i consider 1x4 for the outside wallstuds and any interior walls/partions 2x2's and cover all with light paneling...

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