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marc 02-01-2005 03:22 AM

How the heck did my bus get chosen for the top of this page?
So, i'm looking on an image search engine for "school bus" and allasudden i see mine?!?!? I never posted any photos of it. Must be Papparazzi. Then i see theres a school bus conversion forum. Sure wish this was up when i did mine.Looks like a great board. Well anyway, not much else to say other than i feel like a celebrity! Must be that custom wal-mart rattle can paint job. marc

Steve 02-01-2005 03:52 AM


I met you and took pictures of your bus when you stopped at the Sam's Club in Ames, IA last year. You were on your way back up to Minn. I gave you the address to this site and my email but I guess you through it away. Anyways, here's the pictures I took, I really wish I had taken more, I really like the way you have your water, black and grey tanks set up. I think we also had a mutual interest in Ford Mustangs...

marc 02-01-2005 11:06 AM

Papparazzi photos
Hey Steve- yes i kinda remember.I did post the water tank source on the board.The Ronco name did not come up in search so i thought you guys may not know of it. Great source.Your rig looks great.Lots of hours of work. Basically i finished mine ('cept for paint someday) like 6 yr ago, so i didn't come to this board till now. I'm sure i put this url in my datebook.So ya, It's kinda all done so I'm not really thinking about it anymore but I'll hover on this board a bit time to time.Excellent forum. Let me know if I can help. marc

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