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lornaschinske 05-17-2010 09:41 PM

Re: Who here has tiled their floors?
My Dad was a tile setter for 50 years. David & I have laid ceramic tile (among other things) for about 20 yrs. So I might know a little bit about tile...

Slate (like marble) is a fragile tile. It tends to separate in layers, unlike marble which will crack along the "veining". Travertine is also a bad choice for a floor that flexes (like a plywood substrate... or a bus). You can buy a porcelain tile that looks like slate but will hold up much better. Porcelain tile is a tough tile. To lay tile on a flexible floor, you need to use a tile adhesive that states it is for a flexible floor such as plywood. Grouts can have an admix (for flexibility) added to it... others have it added already... Sell the slate and buy a good ceramic tile (6X6, 8X8, or 10X10... no larger... I personally would not go larger than 8X8... others would disagree).


Laticrete --- Laticrete went thru a phase of their products failing. I do not know if they have fixed this problem or not. We tended to use the PolyBlend materials more often as we liked the way the grout handled... in other words, I can grout a floor in faster with PolyBlend than the Laticrete. I also like the PolyBlend grout colours better. But that is subjective... I like to work Wilsonart brand plastic laminate over Formica brand. Others would disagree.

skylinelimo 05-18-2010 02:55 PM

Re: Who here has tiled their floors?
In JBIV, I used 6x6 porcelain tile, that looked like slate, on a good v-troweled thinset bed (I used Bostik 2200TS, a transportation-grade adhesive). This adhesive provides a tough, flexible bond ("tenacious bond" per the specification sheet). Also, it doesn't break unless stetched about 200%. Originally, JBIV had 12x12 ceramic without a good thinset bed, so the large size and lack of distributed support resulted in many cracked tiles.

In the current install, I have just seen the first 2 tiles crack after 7 months, but it is apparently the result of someone really stomping the hell out of one (while the other had a corner cutout). Even so, it is difficult to see the cracks. So difficult to see the cracks, that I'm not worried about replacing them, indefinitely. I tested one tile before installing them by wedging it under the jacuzzi that I had just removed, and lifted the jacuzzi up, and the tile didn't break or crack. So, as said in an earlier post by lornaschinke, porcelain is very tough.

I wouldn't do natural slate if I were you. Very brittle stuff.

lornaschinske 05-18-2010 04:30 PM

Re: Who here has tiled their floors?

Originally Posted by PURA VIDA
...what about using slate or marble or granite for a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom of the bus? And what do you think about using wood flooring (tongue and groove)...

I think that granite, marble (especially that tumbled garbage) & slate are highly over rated. Like I said, go with a porcelain tile or a mosaic if you must have marble/slate. As for a real wood floor... I love a wood floor. That is what we want in the bus. Unfortunately, I will be stuck with plain plywood decking for a while. We will just be converting the bus to the point to where we can move into it. I only have a few months to do this plus I also have to do some work on the Class C... my daughter gets it and it needs work before we leave out of NM at the end of August. PLUS I really need to build a mobile kitchen before we leave NM. Somehow I think I will run out of time. I can do some work while in a campground. I've done "stealth remodeling" in campgrounds before.

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