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syke 04-11-2011 07:14 PM

Great White Buffalo - 92 BB All American RE
Time for a slight introduction......

Name is Ryan, wife is Kali and we are the proud new owners of a 1992 BlueBird All-American RE 72 passenger bus.
8.3 cummins with the 643 allison and 4.78 gears (a bit steep for my liking)
183k miles

Drove it down from Northern Oregon last week to our home in Northern Arizona.

Plan is to full time in the bus with our dog and Land Rover Discovery 1 hanging on from behind.

Wish list so far is....
On board veggie oil filteration. (figureing we could mabye use the land rover to collect the oil, then transfer pump it to the bus) - *edit* after further research, I think we have scrapped this idea. For the money we would spend to convert the bus, we could buy a fair amount of diesel. It's just not cost effective. Maybe down the road when I want a new hobby we could give it a try.

Small wood burning stove - just need to find one.... craigslist here I come. *edit* Tiny Tot seems to be the best option.
Small to medium solar array - pretty expensive but I think it's going to work out fine in the long run. *edit* looking like we are going with about an 600 amp hour battery bank and still researching solar panels.
Wind power if its not cost prohibitive.*edit* Wind is out
Generator to help supplement

I have been reading tons and tons of threads on this website. Very useful info. Much appreciated.
I am sure I will have lots of questions down the road but for now I just wanted to introduce ourselves.

Here are a few pictures:
I belive they ran it along a guard rail at some point. Slight damage to the underbelly doors. Nothing a little metal work can't fix.
Makeshift bed for the 1600 mile trip home.
Ran great. Averaged 55 mph on the secondary highways. Got a respectable 11 mpg.

Best part.... Oregon bus its entire life.... nary a speck of rust. :) :)

syke 04-11-2011 07:15 PM

Re: Great White Buffalo - 92 BB All American RE
PS, bus will be mostly white once painted. I guess maybe we got the cart before the horse. :D

Tango 04-11-2011 08:38 PM

Re: Great White Buffalo - 92 BB All American RE
Welcome! Looks like a great unit to build on. They just don't get any better than a "Bird" IMHO. Had a 1988 40-footer for about ten years. Used it to haul antiques and junk as well as some camping. Raised the roof 19" and was in the process of building new front & rear caps when I got an offer that was too good to pass on. Do not, however miss the 6-53 Detroit "Screamer" it came with. That engine was even too loud on the Mekong River! Your Cummins is a much better engine. Doing a 1946 Chevy Shorty starting in a month or so. Best of luck and do keep the progress pix coming.

BUSBOZO 04-11-2011 08:40 PM

Re: Great White Buffalo - 92 BB All American RE
WOW! GREAT LOOKING BUS!! REAL CLEAN TOO! Is that a raised roof Blue Bird? You don't see Blue Birds with raised roofs too often.

RevBill 04-11-2011 08:41 PM

Re: Great White Buffalo - 92 BB All American RE
Great bus .. I am green with envy .. looking forward to reading and following her transformation ..

syke 04-12-2011 12:08 AM

Re: Great White Buffalo - 92 BB All American RE
I will keep the pictures coming. :) :)

And questions... this is our first attempt at building a house on a bus... well our first attempt at building a house period. :shock: :lol:

I'm not sure if the bus has a raised roof or not but I do know its about 6'2" - 6'3".

What do you think about these tires? Freaking huge lugs and they look to have some siping too. You think I sacrifice some mpg's with these tires? I'm not looking to change them anytime soon, just gonna run um.

I'm glad they don't use salt in Oregon. :)

Seeria 04-12-2011 07:53 AM

Re: Great White Buffalo - 92 BB All American RE
Welcome and grats on such a beauty of bus! Have to say those lugs look in great shape. I've seen so many buses over the last two years here in Wisconsin that seeing one without rust is as rare as seeing a white buffalo :D

syke 04-13-2011 11:54 AM

Re: Great White Buffalo - 92 BB All American RE
Before :o
Just a wee little dusting. I love spring time in Northern Arizona. :D
During :)
Just thought it looked cool 8)
Unfortunately I could not convince the dog to make herself useful.
After :D

With the underbelly storage covering most of the access to the seat bolts, I had to resort to grinding the bolt heads. Ugh! That was taking forever.
Finally decied to just cut the seats off at 1 inch from the floor. Figuring since the subfloor/insulation was going to cover the cut off legs they might just stay in the bus. I'm still debating wether or not to leave them in place.
I don't think they would interfere but it feels like I'm cutting some corners. No pun intended. :?

Diesel Dan 04-13-2011 01:44 PM

Re: Great White Buffalo - 92 BB All American RE
Well... of course if you don't pull up the flooring you won't know whether or not there is rust festering under there. It's rare that a bus floor is free of rust, so the only question is how bad is it? It seems like the wheel wells are the most common rust areas, but there are usually other rusty areas even if the floor is generally in good shape. Leaving the seat stumps would make floor removal incomplete at best, and probably more difficult. I suppose the advantage of leaving them it is that you don't have to fill any holes, and of course it saves a lot of work if you don't pull up the floor.

RevBill 04-13-2011 01:45 PM

Re: Great White Buffalo - 92 BB All American RE
.. are you planning on taking up the floor to check out the steel under it?? .. if so you are still going to be ripping up those mounts ..

.. many remodel guru's will tell you it's an "absolute must" to strip the flooring down to bare steel so that you can repair any damage and then lay down a new floor after priming .. and it's generally just a very good idea if you plan on full-timing it or keeping your bus for a while ..

.. even if everything looks good from underneath, the windows may have leaked and you could still (potentially) have some issues with the floor ..

.. ymmv .. but so far you are looking great .. that's just about "the perfect" starting platform you have there .. darn-nice bus ..

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