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lornaschinske 06-01-2012 10:39 PM

Microwave oven conversion charts
I went all out tonight. We had microwave TV dinners for supper! :lol: It's just too hot to cook and going out to eat is getting too pricey. So we hit Wal-Mart and picked up a pile of those $2.50 Marie Calander's TV dinners. We've had them before and they are pretty decent. I had the fried chicken with mashed taters & gravy (sauce was not "too blue"). David picked up a couple of Hungry Man dinners but he wasn't too happy with his dinner tonight. It cost more to buy the dinners but we have been paying $21 and change for two chinese buffet dinners (they have seafood). I bought a weeks worth of dinners (and a few $1 lunches) for around $47.

When I went to cook my dinner, I discovered the directions were for a 1100 watt micro. My micro is 1000W. Had to relocate the conversion charts (left mine with my daughter). So if any of you need a conversion chart for any reason (old micro recipes cooked at lower temps, etc), this is a good site. I like to copy and print out a hard copy. Double check the times. I know we caught a typo in the "1100 watt to 1000 watt" chart (minutes were off for one time). Also the recipes on this site are decent. It is to sell a recipe book. So you can expect that the recipes on the site are mostly "teasers" for the book. But lots of good info on micro cooking.

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