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bansil 09-01-2012 10:39 AM

need help walking thru light problem
I went an reinstalled all the lights yesterday,when my wife got home we went to test them,to insure proper grounding etc.
Got a problem.

front of bus:

back of bus:

Grounds are good because both filaments light going from park to brake light

2 flashers 1 for hazards, 1 for turn signals, both work and since they are only 2 wire they feed a relay for lights(correct?)

lights on front of bus flash normal speed for turn and hazard

I traced wires to front of bus under dash panel (nothing unplugged)

SO I will be yanking the dash out, do these have separate relays for front and rear?

Any ideas?

I will check back later

chev49 09-01-2012 10:49 AM

Re: need help walking thru light problem
Well, you would need to post exactly which type of chassis, etc it is. My current bus has an electrical motor for the overhead flashing lights, and relays, and more than one wiring block, etc in the panel that feeds all the exterior lights. They did such a nice job building it that one can hardly get in there to work on the light wiring. If yours is a large bus, there may well be more than one thing you might have to check just to get it working.

I would assume from your discription, that it might well be something like the hot wire feed that goes thru the turn signal system, and both the turn signals and hazard lights do not work. You can always trace down the wires for the turn signal system and find the hot lead and test it with a fused temporary wire...

somewhereinusa 09-01-2012 11:24 AM

Re: need help walking thru light problem
I'm not familiar with your kind of bus, but, isn't that an electrical panel under the driver side window? If so,if it's anything at all like a Bluebird, the wiring for the rear should have terminals there. If all you did was remove the lights to paint, I doubt if anything is wrong under the dash. I have never seen any kind of vehicle that had separate flashers front and rear. If it has an electronic flasher, flasher speed isn't usually affected if a bulb is out somewhere. Did you by any chance put some LED bulbs somewhere? They sometimes don't play nice with incandescent bulbs on the same circuit (been there, done that).
I would start by physically adding a ground to the lights that don't work, grounding sometimes is an elusive thing. back feeding from somewhere else.

bansil 09-01-2012 07:48 PM

Re: need help walking thru light problem
Well got it fixed...I had a "helper" install the lights and we will leave it at two of the three wires needed where connected.
No worries except for 3 hrs of getting passionette with the literally insane wireing...ugh...I got a lot of crap to clean up and remove/fix.
I will post pics of all theconnection locations and such for future searches.
I went on a 101 mile journey to follow in another thread :wink:

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