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bustoff 09-18-2012 05:01 PM

really need help.
I have no idea what the hell i am doing. But i am seriously thinking of doing a small conversion/motorcycle hauler. Here's where i need help. I cannot find any info on the 2 buses i have thought of. 1) the bluebird c1 fe trans shuttle with 5.9 Cummins and 545. I would like to know how these are on the high way, mpg, speed expected and general drivability. And the other which i cannot even find a reference to is a 98 Collins pusher 26 passenger with a 5.9cummins and Allison 545 Owner says 10 mpg, governed @ 62 mph. Absolutely nothing on them, or Collins ever having built them. And are Collins buses crap? I have seen only a few references to Collins and mostly not favorable. Nice looking thing, but i love the utility looks of the c1FE. any help out there? I plan on driving it fairly frequently locally and at least 2 cross or semi cross country trips a year. I work in the marine field and the 5.9 Cummins are know as bulletproof, and from what i can see with 545 less so, but acceptable.

Are there any reference sites to buses? I mean i am actually looking at buses as they drive by now, but usually very very little reference to construction, issues,drivability, etc etc. Any help would be great. And i may be stupid, but i am not lazy i have looked on the internet for days. I am an info junky when i am about to embark on some wacko scheme, in which this qualifies.

thanks all this project could be a ball if i can find the right rig.

chev49 09-18-2012 05:56 PM

Re: really need help.
have fun on this site. one thing to remember is that thanks to the newer govt regs mandating diesel formula, you will not get as good as fuel mileage as you used to.

your speed will be directly related to the rear axle ratio, so you will want to test drive a school bus or at least know the rear axle ratio if you want to go faster than about 60mph.. some go even slower top speed.
it would be better if you got at least a mt643, or the newer transmissions with more gears.

off topic, govt surplus auction at end of month has new cat 6 cy engines at huntsville alabama. if i remember right the new price was over 32K.. they will prob go for $150 like normal...

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