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Eric von Kleist 08-10-2005 02:14 PM

Curtains for the bus!!! (Shades, really)
My shades are finished! Woo-hoo! They are VERY effective. Bus is much cooler, and they look much better than garbage bags! (IMHO)

There are instructions here:

Shades up:

1/2 way up and down

3/4 up

The checkerboarding on the fabric is real, not a graphics artifact. It's a (synthetic) suede material, and the nap alternates directions.

If you want to take the time to build the window framing for this system, it works pretty well. The curtain rods are 1/2" CPVC, and cost a grand total of about $12.00, which is about what one "real" curtain rod could set you back. I got the suede fabric for $2.00 per yard as upholstery remnants, but the honest-to-God stainproof drapery lining set me back $2.67 a yard. I used a total of under 6 yards of each, so the entire set-up, rods, fabric, lining, cost under $40.00 for the eleven side windows that I covered in the front part of the bus.[/img]

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