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turf 10-03-2014 02:35 PM

winterizing pipes
its getting cold here and i dont want to damage any new plumbing before it gets yesterday i drained the plumbing.

and then i started thinking.... :shock:

it sure would be nice to have an some air.... to blow out the plumbing lines and water tank.

hey wait....i got on board air....

so, can you hook up a valve or 2 and make a "clear the line" plumbing dump valve? is it wise to do so?

does anyone use air for winterizing their rig? or just the rv juice?

bansil 10-03-2014 03:02 PM

Re: winterizing pipes
dry is best, so...I have used pink antifreeze in the past...wont ever again, pain in the arse to clean out pipes for next year and it's $$$$$

so I plan to just drain and blow out lines and drains, if worried about a certain area, heat tape or a 40 or 60 wt bulb (old incadesant type) will keep a small area above freezing

somewhereinusa 10-04-2014 07:35 AM

Re: winterizing pipes
Yes, you can use onboard air. Use an air regulator to cut the air pressure down, you don't need all that much. Don't forget to drain water heater, toilet valve and pipe above the shower valves.

roach711 10-04-2014 10:06 AM

Re: winterizing pipes
I set up my plumbing so that the two ends (water tank and water heater) are the low points and in theory at least, should be able to drain my pipes just by pulling the plugs on each end. Last year when i drained my system I pulled both drain plugs then, just to be sure, sucked out the water heater end with my shop vac (I've got no air compressor) and was surprised how much water was still in there. Relying on gravity to drain the plumbing doesn't work so well.

Be sure to empty your drain traps and the little strainer thingy on the water pump. Once the tank is empty I run the water pump for a few seconds to clear it, too.

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