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  1. Chicken or Egg?
  2. Auto Seam Sealer - This Is Jeopardy!!
  3. Another opinion on this bus thread...
  4. Opinions on Bus Type
  5. Windows in the roof?
  6. Sourcing Frame Diagram / Dimensions / Images of a Bus Frame
  7. New fangled polymer sealant/repeller
  8. Stereo? 110vac home or 12vdc mobile?
  9. Using Interior Ceiling Sheet Metal for Skinning Outside of Bus
  10. Necessary tools?
  11. Condensation arghhhh
  12. Helpful Suggestions to a newbie on Bus Bidding
  13. Would you buy? 1995 Thomas Vista
  14. Bus opinions
  15. Air to electric wiper motor conversion
  16. DT466 manual
  17. Subfloor, insulation, vapor barrier, thermal bridging
  18. Flex Seal / Black Jack Rubber Seal
  19. Cabinet Carcass Quote
  20. How would you like this bus?
  21. Which body company has the best access to the drivetrain in a RE model?
  22. Sealed compartment for generator
  23. Seeking help/suggestions with a jammed 1985 Blue Bird door
  24. Replace rub rails with...?
  25. capacitor batteries
  26. 19 years old, Looking at buying a bus! NEED HELP 2001 INTERNATIONAL 3800
  27. Need Input on Rivets
  28. Ideas for mounting a spare tire under a skoolie
  29. run around
  30. 1997 bus
  31. V8 conversion
  32. Raised storage floor - Crazy Idea?
  33. Help popping front safety window back in?
  34. How to pop the front side safety window back in?
  35. Take top off and build rv
  36. Paint and Caulking in Cold Weather
  37. Replacing top flashing lights
  38. What Type of School Bus do you recommend?
  39. Recommendations on choosing a school bus
  40. chimney blow back help
  41. Are Thomas Built Buses Quality?
  42. 45' passenger coach conversion interior design
  43. Allison 5000 in a 00' Blue Bird? Help/Advice?
  44. Budget for post bus purchase repairs and maintenance
  45. Importance of having a washer on our bus
  46. Space Utilization - Show me your ideas!
  47. How tall is too tall?
  48. 1968 Gillig OR 1976 Crown? Thoughts?
  49. Skoolie girl maintenance....
  50. Need info for a MT643 with a DT466
  51. How bad of an idea is this...
  52. Thomas Hdx won't start!
  53. Best layout tool
  54. Big Old Original Heaters and AC Units: Save or Kill?
  55. Possible place to park! Buses Nearby!
  56. Propane "wood stove" or fireplace
  57. Major decision for the Bus Body
  58. are any of these worth checking out?
  59. 11R22.5 vs. 295/75R22.5 tires
  60. flexing
  61. Pre-newbie: side loading motorcycles..anyone?
  62. Brand new to the Skoolie world
  63. Removing Heaters / Looping Coolant Lines
  64. MD3060 wouldnt move when in gear??
  65. Is it worth it?
  66. Professional or non professional conversion? Insurance
  67. Help! What kind of paint for FIBERGLASS bus?
  68. I know nothing! I need help!
  69. Coolant for a 91 6.6L New Holland
  70. Black tank repair response.
  71. moisture problems and drivetrain preferences
  72. Do you think this bus is worth the money?
  73. Feedback for post on Insulation
  74. 1966 DD Bristol Lodekka engine swap?
  75. Installing reflectix on walls and ceilings
  76. We have a name
  77. Temporary ceiling fan
  78. Types of wood stoves and heating choices.
  79. Watch your tail, got my bus stuck
  80. Cost of maintenance with limited travel
  81. Shuttle bus roof vent placement
  82. Insulation in 1993 Ford B700 Thomas
  83. Removing interior metal panelling
  84. Wacky wood==Bendable
  85. 15 passenger in tow???
  86. Help! Before I lose my MiNd!!!
  87. Anyone have a conversion in PA?
  88. Help appreciated! Looking to buy my first skoolie
  89. Flooring under the pedals
  90. Needing Some Couch Plans
  91. Storage compartments under bus and min height ?
  92. Best Outlets For Bus Tires
  93. Looking for these panels for my bus
  94. What States have the Best Buses to Buy?
  95. Template
  96. Wood or Metal Interior Framing
  97. FOAMULAR directly to metal not recommended ?
  98. need some help please
  99. Flooring
  100. ATTN PDX Skoolies
  101. High milage/ high hours busses. How many does your bus have?
  102. Side window removal in Thomas bus
  103. Long Bus Body Modifications?
  104. New, considering a Gillig low floor
  105. Front axle weight of a rear engine long bus?
  106. How long do conversion phases take?
  107. Dog house insulation need to be changed, see photo.
  108. Saw our first bus today
  109. Progress
  110. How secure can you make a skoolie?
  111. Update on our bus.
  112. Range Hoods
  113. "Garage Door" in the back?
  114. Bus body specifications. Short bus vs. long bus?
  115. RV Window Question- Flush Mount?
  116. Help removing heater/comtrols from 1996 Thomas
  117. Crown opinions please
  118. 1999 blue bird
  119. dash software
  120. Searching for VIN# location on skoolies?
  121. When you need that master suite I suppose?
  122. 77.5" interior height?
  123. Install a RV door or keep the bus door.........
  124. An odd question but ...
  125. Opinions needed
  126. Bus Build Burnout...
  127. Cheap cold rolled sheetmetal in Houston
  128. Advice? Almost able to take the dive.
  129. Was your bus on this list?
  130. Flooring - My idea good or bad?
  131. Squared-Off Roof?
  132. repower options
  133. Buying a bus - Advice please!
  134. Ideas to mount a hidden safe in a skoolie?
  135. Gillig?
  136. Raising gas pedal
  137. Condensation on interior of bus
  138. XPS Foam vs EPS Foam?
  139. Portland Oregon craigslist bus. Ready to go
  140. Freeze tonight!
  141. Floor insulation and rust.
  142. Spray foam installer/contractor recommendation? (WA)
  143. Found Bus for Sale... Great Deal!!
  144. Price for sheeted steel
  145. This is why you must prep for paint.
  146. What do you think about this bus ?
  147. Partition in storage belly
  148. Recommended Sequence of Activities for Conversion Project
  149. Help!! Emergency exit alarm problems 😤
  150. Buses gone wrong...
  151. Air ride seat air line question?
  152. Ideas NEEDED: Replacing Upper Flashing Lights w/ offroad LEDs
  153. Is $4000 a good price for this bus?
  154. Any tips for removing the floor?
  155. Permanent Residence
  156. Manual for 1997 Thomas
  157. Raising the roof... hmm, I wonder.
  158. Wood ceiling? Wood sheets?
  159. Largish number of passengers in conversion (15 total people)
  160. Bus conversion question/parking?
  161. Ceiling panels and spray foam
  162. How did you make the transition?
  163. Rivets for skinning the bus
  164. 3 Different Busses, 3 Drastically Different Options
  165. Water leaking down ribs of bus. HELP!!
  166. To use or not reuse that is the question...
  167. Shower/bath wall covering idea:
  168. Commercial floor sinks as shower base.
  169. Axle to Hitch Distance for Towing
  170. Need some ideas?
  171. For Bus Nerds Only...
  172. Can't go faster than 60mph max...30mph on hills
  173. dual rear axle bus
  174. Last minute - should I buy this bus?
  175. First Bus Choice!!
  176. Wall to wall dim along curve of ceiling?
  177. Found a bus but top speed is 45mph
  178. Tools for Torque!
  179. Trailer hitch capacity for RE bus
  180. Heater valve??? Thermo valve??? Gate Valve???
  181. King bed (or bigger)?
  182. Stuck in mud/soft dirt
  183. Tire Grooving iron to use on XPS Foam
  184. Water from the Sun...Cool!
  185. Material for roof raise!?
  186. Anyone do leveling jacks and such?
  187. Tint, metal wall, and the mysterious port
  188. Loud noises!!!
  189. Should I go for it?
  190. Short bus=good tow pig??
  191. Removing emergency doors with vandal alarms?
  192. I did it myyyyyy wayyyyy!
  193. Distance to rear wheel wells and placement of bed
  194. New Conversion Project
  195. Best online source for rolled steel
  196. mounting van seats, filling floor holes
  197. Short bus as a hotshot
  198. Need pictures of Navigator/Passenger seats
  199. Need some help
  200. Door..moving, changing?
  201. International Shipping
  202. Anyone seen a Lone Star hood on an International bus?
  203. Difficulty of bodywork?
  204. RV Salvage yard in SW MO.
  205. Window Gaskets (Seals)
  206. Your Thoughts on this Bus
  207. Upper flashing lights as turn signals?
  208. Getting rid of the bi-fold
  209. removing windows and insulating
  210. Flat screens 12 volt
  211. Not mine but cool, 1948 skoolie
  212. Oil Gauge stopped working after oil change
  213. What was your budget?
  214. Floor framing dimensions
  215. Lets talk ignition interlock shall we?
  216. Best places to find a bus?
  217. Florida Drivers License Question
  218. Help with registering a bus as an RV in Virginia
  219. Skinning Option???
  220. Solar power vs.
  221. What to look for and what to avoid?
  222. Take 2: Should I buy this bus?!
  223. Rivet Head Removal tool
  224. Rear axle gear ratios
  225. RV Cover
  226. 1986 International Wayne Bus
  227. RE side emergency door dimensions?
  228. Ladder to Roof Rack
  229. What type D busses have a rear door and or don't step up in the back ?
  230. If I say please
  231. Tesla wall with a tesla solar city roof.
  232. Storage Facility RV parking
  233. Decent but affordable jacks for leveling the bus?
  234. Accessing hidden bolts on underside of bus (Seat Removal)
  235. Pro/con of flatnose, RE, conventional?
  236. Mounting barrels vertically?
  237. Bus with fuel leak
  238. Question on a 1997 Shuttle Bus
  239. Could use more power going up hills.
  240. How to determine/find GVWR?
  241. Power wash the tar on the inside of my bus?
  242. Anyone want a ToterHome?
  243. Praise for the 366 Gas engine
  244. Carry a fire extinguisher
  245. lifting the suspension on a genesis
  246. Bus with wheelchair door and mechanism?
  247. Why you don't want the Allison AT545 Transmission in the mountains.
  248. Newbie here: Any suggestions about propane appliances?
  249. Searching for a bus to call home
  250. Spray Foam out gassing health issues