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  1. smooth ride possible?
  2. Roof decks?
  3. slide out
  4. Full timing in an urban environment?
  5. Refined layout idea
  6. Storage Thread
  7. Who wants to answer a butt-load of questions???
  8. want skoolie wife wants rv-advice?complete one for sale?
  9. water line winertizing
  10. how to tell which tranny
  11. Victom of Crimes
  12. Anyone ever use/hear of this paint?
  13. Floorplan brainstorming
  14. As close as I can figure...
  15. What type of bus to choose
  17. Leveling your bus...
  18. Interior Lighting
  19. Backup Camera?
  20. roof raise style
  21. Interior Dimensions
  22. Whats going on with this site?
  23. Need some advice on a decision
  24. Little help with locks
  25. Dimensions question
  26. New to conversions - Questions
  27. How's THIS for a hydronic heater???
  28. Fuel tank capacity
  29. Any floor insulation advice?
  30. Window Tinting Products?
  31. projector
  32. What to check before moving a bus?
  33. How much to spend on a donor RV?
  34. IH S1700 Tach Drive Question
  35. VonRock's Hypothetical Bus
  36. Floorplan ideas for the Magic Bus
  37. spray foam under floor - who has done it?
  38. Flooring Options
  39. What's behind Door #2 ?
  40. Legalities of painting your bus outside.
  41. Bunk bed dilemma
  42. Wheel Help? Please?
  43. Newbie Needs Info
  44. rusty metal floor - what product to use??
  45. Skoolie on cover of Bus Conversions Magazine
  46. Subfloor Installation
  47. Floor Insulation
  48. I may have found the answer!
  49. Fortifiying Your Bus Against Intruders Or Attack?
  50. Advice on raising the roof?
  51. How to Identify differns busses
  52. Saving Water/Water Reduction
  53. what do you wish you had spent MORE for?
  54. which busses are taller inside? (6'3" and more)
  55. I'm new to this, can I get some help?
  56. What are the basic interior measurements?
  57. Odd Question: Making a Hood Ornament from Scratch?
  58. Newbie Skoolie looking for modification ideas...
  59. Multi Voltage Alternator / Generator / Welder
  60. I just saw the coolest non-skoolie ever
  61. Rear Heater Valves
  62. Will a skoolie ruin my marriage?
  63. Cheap Homebuilt Bare Bones Composting Potty
  64. I'm new here - where can I find info on hauling a motorcycle
  65. local knowledge needed
  66. Cab forward loft and safety lights question.
  67. When to give it up?
  68. I have finally decided my paint scheme
  69. Thomas Bus normal alternator output
  70. Purchase descision - need advice
  71. What type of paint to use
  72. Back from the woods
  73. fule tank corostion
  74. Stroke Material .
  75. various questions- flooring
  76. Floor Plan, Electrical and Plumbing layout - thoughts?
  77. After buying...
  78. Ceramic paint
  79. building a slide-out and window question
  80. stop sign
  81. Thomas Speedo problem
  82. General Help
  83. Using your Roof Right
  84. ? about controls & steering column
  85. Does anyone have a leveling system ?
  86. Solar Furnace
  87. air conditioning
  88. I like motorcycles and camping
  89. Sound proofing a generator box
  90. Thomas Schematic & Fuse Labels
  91. Wheel Paint???
  92. 1998 Bluebird Back Engine Pusher problem
  93. Could this be Home?
  94. shower/sauna combo
  95. Propane heaters for school buses (article)
  96. Is this a good idea, Toy hauler conversion already done
  97. Ford Bus question(s)
  98. Re-Installing Warning lights....
  99. Why do you own the bus you have?
  100. Length of bus
  101. Winter and a Bus... (and a glance at my hippy bus)
  102. RVs are junk!
  103. Carb Idenification
  104. removing tow hooks
  105. Not to beat a dead horse.....
  106. Good Sam Emergency Roadside Coverage... such a deal!
  107. Adding a bed on the front of the bus
  108. The ultimate skoolie upgrade?
  109. Target store moving, get stuff for bus decks/shelving
  110. Tire sizes
  111. Vapor barriers... tyvex vs. tarpaper vs. ???
  112. sun block for tires...
  113. Great Deal on 2000w Inverter Generator
  114. PaintForCars.com (Trinity 1945)
  115. Bilge Pumps
  116. Rooftop Decks
  117. Help: Eaton Axle Shaft Removal
  118. Short bus, er Truck, conversion
  119. Tin roofing as window skin? Anyone used it?
  120. New Bus for Birthday!
  121. intro and project idea
  122. The ol' sand blaster
  123. Flat top raised roof...
  124. Energy Efficiency
  125. luxury in-floor heating
  126. Air ride question...
  127. Jacuzzi bus... remote keyless entry doors?
  128. Cerebral Flatulence!
  129. How wide is hallway?
  130. Intro and a couple questions
  131. Insulation
  132. Manual Trans Options for B700s?
  133. Rub Rails
  134. Just for fun... do this at home
  135. Floor Insluation
  136. Range Hood
  137. New...and questions about interior height...and a new bus
  138. What did you do with your celing????
  139. Saw someones new toy in Texas
  140. Okay, here's another weird thought.......
  141. OSB vs Plywood
  142. A couple cool swamp cooler/ AC designs - on DC power
  143. cost to drive from Oklahoma to Florida...
  144. Roof raise or floor drop...
  145. Gillig owners bargins
  146. Side panel removal... how?
  147. Idea- rear heater under bus as additional cooling?
  148. Couch w/ Seatbelts from Futon Mattress
  149. deck height concerns
  150. RE buses and defrosters
  151. Best way to pull up rubber mat?
  152. Hooking up the heater to a second radiator?
  153. Staining Luan Panels
  154. Lets talk bus/motorhome fires
  155. Hooking up air hose / air tool to the air break compressors?
  156. FLORA - 1987 Ford Carpenter
  157. Option besides rear exit?
  158. Tankless LP hot water heaters on the CHEAP!
  159. What other DIY RV sites do you know of? (for trailers etc)
  160. DIY propane HP boost for diesels for about $250!
  161. Exceeding gCrw/trailer weight with MANUAL trans, risks??
  162. Gear Vendors...
  163. Hand crank washing machine
  164. UltraDeck decking materials
  165. Adding A/C to a Deer Camp Bus
  166. Ever park in an RV park? Any problems w/homebrew RV's?
  167. Cummins owners...
  168. Shortest air braked skoolie youve seen?
  169. Who's got the smallest "full-time" bus?
  170. Insulation on a budget and wall framing options
  172. New door... would 32" exterior steel or fiberglass work?
  173. HELP! RV to high
  174. Title/Registration/Code enforcement
  175. Painting your Bus
  176. Door locks?
  177. Newbie request for help--buy this or not?
  178. Found a bus!
  179. Awnings
  180. introduction...
  181. Noob looking for a cheap bus
  182. Running Rooftop AC down the road...
  183. removing my governor completely: how to
  184. Windows
  185. Narrowed Down my Bus Choice - Need advice
  186. Split Wheel Rims...
  187. converting a natural gas stove to propane
  188. SAVE on LV Purses
  189. making dividers
  190. newbie - looking to purchase first bus and need advice
  191. Choking on fumes with rear window A/C unit?
  192. Bus Choice
  193. Your opinions?
  194. Redundant heating/cooking/power sources
  195. Kingpin replacements?
  197. staying cool - spray roof w/Ceramic heat resistant coating?
  198. any Regrets? (what do you WISH you had done differently)
  199. whats the gCwr of your bus? (combo weight/w-trailer)
  200. Haul empty semitrailer w/dolly behind Class7 air-br skoolie?
  201. Any truckers/ex-truckers here? (Class 7/8 airbrake commerci)
  202. replacing the floor. Why?
  203. Galley countertop size... standard or shallow?
  204. Bus too slow? Try adding a jet engine!
  205. Help a newbie out! I'm goign craaaazay!
  206. I'm back.....
  207. Anyone in Eastern WA / Northern ID?
  208. Rear Caliper Siezed... HELP
  209. Roof Racks/Deck... Side mount vs. roof mount?
  210. OMG! Somebody save this from the scrap heap!
  211. Window Screens
  212. Indicator light coming on
  213. What can/did you put UNDER the bus? (tanks, storage, etc)
  214. Questions about skinning windows
  215. Running Electrical Wires Outside?
  216. What is the interior height of your bus?
  217. How WIDE is your bus, 96" or 102"?
  218. Crazy? Superinsulated 'sleeping box' separate in bus
  219. How far did you go to pick up your bus?
  220. 1st Trip ANYWHERE!!
  221. angle grinder?
  222. What are the most/least reliable schoolbusses chassis?
  223. What did you pay for your bus? For repairs?
  224. How much do you drive it? (& when does diesel 'pay')
  225. Should I Buy It?
  226. Snorkle disquised as a diesel exhaust?
  227. Someday, I will convert a schoolbus to a motorhome.
  228. tractor trailer/cargo carrier conversion?
  229. Side door/ Rear door
  230. Insulate the Exterior?
  231. What does your bus weigh? (approx)
  232. Where to save money? :( (vs expensive 'RV' stuff)
  233. Insulation req for winter? & how big your heater/btus?
  234. Using car/pickup engine/trans in heavy bus?(ie cad500/th400)
  235. Repair window latches?
  236. Flasher lights... traveling thru states
  237. Where to begin?
  238. need advise to buy a schoolie for a conversion
  239. Best spray gun for painting??
  240. Help! Skoolie Skared!
  241. Bus mechanic...
  242. Budget expectations? Howdja doit?
  243. Budget expectations? Howdja doit?
  244. Diy wood/water furnace?
  245. Aerodynamics of BIG vehicles (resources)
  246. NEW SCHOOL BUS CONVERSION - I'm a rookie!!
  247. Raising the roof... why flat instead of sloped?
  248. couple of questions and info needing....
  249. Does anyone tow a motorcycle / scooter / dual purpose?
  250. Best bus for BLM land?