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  1. Sandblasting & Painting
  2. Seat holes
  3. Non-AC Cooling
  4. Battery shutoff switch with 2 negatives?
  5. dirty business - loo time
  6. Screw size for framing
  7. Thomas Chair Rail Diagram
  8. Houston Area Skoolies...Marine Ply Buy
  9. Subfloor layout and insulation ideas?
  10. Advice on bus age!
  11. Time to BUY!! Can I get your opinions..
  12. Dreaded "click" no ignition.
  13. any roof raisers in Sault Ste Marie ON??
  14. Stop using Reflextix
  15. I need HELP!
  16. I need to replace this rusty thing with a latch with a lock on it
  17. Insulation, *again*
  18. Looking for Dimensions and Floor Plans
  19. International 3800 Shocks question
  20. Willing to give some advice? Purchasing.
  21. Do I have to pull up the floor or can I leave it
  22. Did you like elastomeric paint?
  23. Hurri-Hot in the back of the bus?
  24. How do you stay cool?!
  25. You can find materials in unusual places
  26. Can't reach the magic 12v
  27. Plywood as main floor
  28. Window upgrade options
  29. Couch mounting or not?
  30. Hot Skin... Am I crazy??
  31. Roof repair and raise questions?
  32. Time to make a choice...
  33. PA Speaker placement and painting.
  34. Need help selecting ceiling insulation materials
  35. Driver's seat/Captain's chair
  36. Motorcycle Towing Idea
  37. Considering buying this
  38. Ideas for what to build over the wheels
  39. No back lights? 97 International 3800
  40. 2006 E450 6.0L or 2002 E450 7.3L
  41. 2007 flat nose international. A good choice?
  42. Hey M...Marine Ply???
  43. Best framing guide?
  44. Refinishing original windows
  45. A few questions from a newbie?
  46. Summer is almost here, Coolant exchange
  47. Low floor bus information request
  48. Crank case vent tube.
  49. 7" head unit
  50. B700 Thomas body Strobe light and Drivers Dome light.
  51. Always look for mice.
  52. Let me see your shower!!
  53. Sheep's wood insulation in a fiberglass bus... questions!
  54. Finding a bus is way harder than it seems.
  55. Roof Raisers: Windows?
  56. Bought an air brake school bus in austin-I need someone to drive it to Omaha, NE
  57. Skoolie Airbnb ?
  58. Need someone to help with school bus conversion-Omaha, NE
  59. e-450 air intake mods ideas...
  60. All set to buy!
  61. Window in the bathroom or not?
  62. 1 1/2 or 3 in waste drain
  63. Driver's Seat Belt
  64. ABC or CO2 extinguisher?
  65. PL Premium vs silicone for metal
  66. Should I bond DC negative with AC ground to bus body?
  67. To treat or not to treat (new galv steel)
  68. Coach a/c
  69. Rust on body floor supports
  70. nice bus need teck help
  71. What size TV? (I'm a hockey nut)
  72. Thoughts on polyiso with fiberglass facers?
  73. Rust remover/treatment for unpainted metal?
  74. Counters cover windows?
  75. Dash Work - remove steering wheel?
  76. Someone was looking for a fuse box diagram?
  77. Tach not working in International bus
  78. How much can I sell air door mechanics for?
  79. L-track problem, quick help appreciated...
  80. B700/Thomas Ceiling
  81. you have a skoolie for sale?
  82. in the market to buy a skoolie
  83. Newbie with Shuttle Bus Insurance ?
  84. Swapping Wheels
  85. DiamondFinish Clear Coat aver Elastomeric roof seal?
  86. air pressure in your tires
  87. surface preparation for spray foam
  88. Rivet gun , rivets and re-skining
  89. Atlanta RV electrician ?
  90. A great bus for sale! 3 rd party
  91. Spray insulation
  92. Why remove the floor?
  93. Can Henry's SolarFlex be painted over/ clear coat?
  94. Any A/Cs fit roof hatch?
  95. What brake shoes do I need????
  96. Roof-raisers, I have a question for you...
  97. Layout Question
  98. How on earth do I get this thing inspected
  99. Can a King sized bed fit in a bus?
  100. Double decker suspension upgrade
  101. Alternator removal on flat nose bus
  102. To Remove or not? That is the question!
  103. Question regarding windows
  104. How to know when to change coolant - how much is fair price?
  105. How much insulation
  106. Obligitory bus type discussion
  107. Oil Pressure Gauge Line Replacement
  108. Insulate underside of bus floor?
  109. Spray foam is in, now how to deal with thermal bridge of bus ribs....
  110. VPM - ECM Issues
  111. Built in safety seats in a Thomas C2 Bus
  112. Social media
  113. I tried to sort this out, but I need reinforcements. Bus won't start...ughhh
  114. Wabasto For House/cabin Heating
  115. How to get an AT545 down wolf creek pass CO...?
  116. Ready for export ?
  117. 1995 Ford 65-passenger B-series bus
  118. Hanging Bed
  119. Painting bus with Rhino Liner?
  120. pneumatic door
  121. Sheet metal
  122. Recommendations for Seam Sealer
  123. A few questions about a '92 Bluebird B-series conversion
  124. Out Looking at a 2006 Blue Bird
  125. Bus Challenger
  126. Bring in the TOAD!
  127. Am I on the right track? Sealing/Painting Floors and Insulation
  128. 1983 crown school bus measurements
  129. Is a shower worth the space?
  130. Little help removing a heater and mystery lockbox!
  131. Removing rivets
  132. Collecting Rainwater
  133. To raise the roof or not to raise the roof!? So indecisive!
  134. Foam mattress
  135. What would be the best donor vehicle?
  136. Eyesight
  137. Found a bus, but now I'm confused? Help?
  138. Found a bus, but now I'm confused? Help?
  139. Bathroom Question
  140. Who's bus is this? Asheville, NC.
  141. Titling and registration in PA
  142. Ceiling
  143. Ideas for mounting a steel deck frame to the roof
  144. Removing the Webasto coolant lines safely as to install later
  145. Skoolie Kitchen, Tips? Did anyone do a Oven Range hood?
  146. Good ol' drunken floor removal!
  147. Whats the longest School buses around?
  148. Anybody use these cables?
  149. Insulation Question
  150. Regarding the panels around engine compartment in a re
  151. Best Remedy for Rust?
  152. Flat tire out on the road?
  153. 1x1" 16-gauge galv-steel square-tubing for Deck frame?
  154. 55 gallon drums under floor
  155. Heater removal
  156. New blog!!
  157. Title transfer
  158. 1995 Amtran Genesis Factory Radio Pinout (PA System)
  159. License laws & Skoolie challenges in Louisiana
  160. Towing with an AT545?
  161. Skoolie Survey for School
  162. Roof Raise
  163. Pricing help! Planning everything out before we make the big purchase!!
  164. Removing safety lights
  165. Transmission
  166. napa part number 8.3
  167. 3" HBF Grinder ?
  168. You need to build safety into your conversion
  169. We want a loft...
  170. Building Code Issues... HALP!
  171. Door lock suggestions
  172. Full Timers... State of Residence
  173. Help our goal to make Skoolie and Tiny Home living accessible to all!
  174. The system Electrical, Plumbing, Septic, Heating
  175. Window options...
  176. Air cowl for roof deck?
  177. 2nd guessing first Tiny House Build or skoolie
  178. Float Tank in Skoolie
  179. Sound insulation effectiveness?
  180. Bed materials
  181. Floor rust
  182. Ospho quantities and type
  183. Mini-Split A/C install question?
  184. Help!!!!
  185. Cdl
  186. Busses for sale
  187. Rubber Roofing on the Floor?
  188. Just Got a Bus - Thoughts?
  189. Too Tall for a Skoolie?
  190. Captain Fantastic movie, tons of Schoolie footage
  191. Yet another hydronic heat question?
  192. New direction? Need advice about next steps
  193. School vs coach - infographics (WIP)
  194. Window Panel Replacement
  195. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
  196. heater = radiator?
  197. OK bus nuts What is it ???
  198. So I have an idea
  199. Skoolie Toy Hauler?!
  200. Roof raise cost?
  201. New Bus New Life Big Decisions
  202. Abusive Seller: Western Canadian Buyers stay away from this guy.
  203. Buying from a school district
  204. Kick-butt angle grinder disc
  205. Removing screws holding plywood flooring to floor (screws through frame below bus)
  206. Covering up roof emergency hatch
  207. Back Heater Problems - Coolant?
  208. Subfloor materials and question
  209. 1982 bluebird...taking the leap??? Eeeeeee
  210. DIY Composting Toilet with Agitator?
  211. Chicken or Egg?
  212. Auto Seam Sealer - This Is Jeopardy!!
  213. Another opinion on this bus thread...
  214. Opinions on Bus Type
  215. Windows in the roof?
  216. Sourcing Frame Diagram / Dimensions / Images of a Bus Frame
  217. New fangled polymer sealant/repeller
  218. Stereo? 110vac home or 12vdc mobile?
  219. Using Interior Ceiling Sheet Metal for Skinning Outside of Bus
  220. Necessary tools?
  221. Condensation arghhhh
  222. Helpful Suggestions to a newbie on Bus Bidding
  223. Would you buy? 1995 Thomas Vista
  224. Bus opinions
  225. Air to electric wiper motor conversion
  226. DT466 manual
  227. Subfloor, insulation, vapor barrier, thermal bridging
  228. Flex Seal / Black Jack Rubber Seal
  229. Cabinet Carcass Quote
  230. How would you like this bus?
  231. Which body company has the best access to the drivetrain in a RE model?
  232. Sealed compartment for generator
  233. Seeking help/suggestions with a jammed 1985 Blue Bird door
  234. Replace rub rails with...?
  235. capacitor batteries
  236. 19 years old, Looking at buying a bus! NEED HELP 2001 INTERNATIONAL 3800
  237. Need Input on Rivets
  238. Ideas for mounting a spare tire under a skoolie
  239. run around
  240. 1997 bus
  241. V8 conversion
  242. Raised storage floor - Crazy Idea?
  243. Help popping front safety window back in?
  244. How to pop the front side safety window back in?
  245. Take top off and build rv
  246. Paint and Caulking in Cold Weather
  247. Replacing top flashing lights
  248. What Type of School Bus do you recommend?
  249. Recommendations on choosing a school bus
  250. chimney blow back help