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Originally Posted by Tango View Post
Excellent choice in husbands if I may say so!
Thanks, Tango, I think so! Although it's been tough to keep his feet on the ground and anchored in reality for this build. He has tons of coach designs and plans, but this is our starter home and I just want basic. Someday, he will build his dream coach from scratch.
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Originally Posted by Alan N View Post
I painted the whole works.
Paid to have it sandblasted and primed (mistake).
Just used implement enamel from the parts store. Probably did it all wrong.
But I don't think it looks too bad.
Commercial Implement or tractor paint is what we have. It was given to us and I'm hoping I can have it tinted. Why was it a mistake to have it sandblasted and primed?
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Originally Posted by GilligusMaxibus View Post
Commercial Implement or tractor paint is what we have. It was given to us and I'm hoping I can have it tinted. Why was it a mistake to have it sandblasted and primed?
It was just expensive. Twice the guy's estimate.
If you have someone do it make sure they know what they are getting into.
Let's see more pics of your project.
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Originally Posted by gameseven View Post
Thanks Sweetfarm! Ive actually had friends in Arizona cant get their busses registered there because they are yellow. So they went to the hardware store and bought whitewash and covered the yellow. Registration completed! Too many dumb rules!!!
I am in AZ and went to our small town DMV. That was hilarious. Anyways.. I walked in and said I need to get that big blue school bus out there registered. She blurted out "it can't be yellow!". Didn't I just saaaaay.. blue. Much discussion and reading on the computer on which number to use on the registration. My registration actually has printed on it "use chassis number not coach number" now. They wanted to register it as a school bus for an incredible amount of money (until I get 5 out of the 6 things on the list completed for RV). I told her I didn't want to pay that much, there are no seats in it, I'm not hauling people. So she registered it as a commercial van at a lesser weight capacity. Still higher than RV but doable. I'd be interested in your Oregon registration process.

I was born and raised in Eugene OR so fun to hear Oregon mentioned here. My folks still live there.

Fun to watch your build and see the floor being torn up like mine etc. I too did the vinegar bath and had to paint the panels that I 'cleaned' so nicely as they rusted.

On the walls behind the windows I think that layer is ingenious, but couldn't you on the inside to panels with insulation behind paneling? Just me thinking out loud.

And I have to say I enjoyed the 'contemplation' pictures. I need to get busy, got comfortable.
Linda Kay
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Floor insulating

I keep thinking about your insulation under the floor or on top of the floor. Under the bus you could use heat shield. The kind we use in automobiles, this will protect from heat but do almost nothing with cold, it will also reduce noise. If this is going to be a home you are going to need to break down and insulate your floor, carpet just won't do it. 1 inch rigid insulating foam 1.5 if you can handle loosing the height. Its the only option. It will help keep some heat in and cold out. You also have to spray foam all the gaps between the rigid and walls etc... The other piece is the windshield and door. Heavy heavy curtains can do a lot. think about almost floor to ceiling wrap around the front driving section. Anywhere on the walls where you can put and inch of foam will help. You may not want to do it over windows but behind cabinets, I would place a layer wherever you can. If your bunk beds have a 4 inch board against the outside wall of the bus I would sandwich foam in there. The more inches you can foam separate from the outside steel the more comfortable your inside will be. Id also check that ceiling it probably has 2 layers and enough of a gap to pull down the ceiling and add foam then put it back up, also gives you a shot at looking for any roof leaks that need to be dealt with. This is a spot where you might be able to get away with heat shield.

The way to look at it is take your completely empty bus and line it like it was a foam cooler. That would be the ultimate in insulation. Then you cut holes for where you want to see or get out. You want to get as close to fully lined as possible every square inch counts.
Mike Hathaway
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