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A possibility...?

Ok gang, here it is,

I realize there are many factors to consider and I'm hoping to find out more when I go look, but here it is...
1983 International 71 passenger. DT 466, possible Mt643, (guy wasn't sure), around $1000. But here's the kicker...199,000 miles.
Like I said, I realize that number depends on a lot of things as far as condition, but should I be afraid?
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Re: A possibility...?

that's a lot of miles, but if that motor has been well maintained there should be plenty of life left in her.

You can't beat the price.

Parts for the DT466 are everywhere coast to coast, and it's relatively inexpensive to rebuild should the need arise.

Start her up and drive her around. If she doesn't smoke much i wouldn't be afraid to pick her up. If she smokes a lot on startup, especially if it's cold, i wouldn't worry about that. My DT360 smoked like a destroyer when it was started near freezing.

A warm diesel engine shouldn't smoke much, except under heavy acceleration.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (who will watch the watchmen?)
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Re: A possibility...?

BUY THAT BUS. If it cranks up, runs and drives, it's worth it. The DT466 is probably the best motor you can have in a skoolie. The MT643 is the best tranny you can have in a skoolie. For only $1,000? You'd better get it before somebody else does.
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Re: A possibility...?

WOW!!! You must be clairvoyant Jimmyaustintx!

I saw those pictures and was stunned. So since you are so good, you and the rest of the bunch pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage, and get ready for a story that will live in legend and song.

Let me preface this story by admitting I've never bid for anything online before(also my name and intellectual prowess have never been used in the same sentence) and the only time I ever went to an auction in my life, I literally went to scratch the family jewels and ended up with $400 worth of tools (and learned a hard lesson about rubbing the family...well, you get the picture).

But I digress...

Ok...I wake up, it's a beautiful day. Get my coffee, turn on the computer, and settle in for a morning of excitement and anticipation. I'm going to bid on some buses today! I've by God paid my deposit, got me a number and I'm unstoppable (uninformed, unlearned and unintelligent too). But hey, no fear here. I set my hat at a rakish angle, pull my undies up ABOVE my bellybutton and sit with my fingers poised for action. The countdown begins....Now being typically male I'm not very good at either reading or following instructions. So anyway, I've got my eye on several buses and I'm by God gonna land one of them. The ending times are staggered so the bidding on each bus ends one minute later than the one previous. All new territory to me. Sweat beads on my brow. My fingers tremble.
This boy is going to wait until the last minute, swoop in there like a predatory bird and fly off into the sunset with a big yellow bus clenched in his talons and a victorious smile on his face. One minute left. All is quiet on the bidding front. I dive in! Well, here is where that instruction reading part comes in. Yeah that's right, that part I didn't read. By bidding in the last minutes I caused the bidding to extend for another 5 minutes. Aaaargh! The dam bursts! There is a flurry of bidding activity on MY bus. The nerve! I whimper, regain my composure and drop down to another bus I've got my eye on. I place a bid on another bus. 5 minutes left on this one, but I haven't gone much over what the last person bid with my max and this one is pretty active. I hit refresh and go back to bus #1. No longer in the lead, I bump her a G-spot. Back on top! And time is running out!

Now at this point, my girlfriend walks in, fresh out of the shower and looking all sparkly and beautiful. Being male and currently self-unemployed my attention span is not what it should be. So there she was looking all sparkly and beautiful...all spa....yeah there's that attention span thing. Anyway she excitedly asks where we are. Well, "Here" I say. Attention span. "No, in the bidding!" Oh yeah, the bidding!. I hit refresh. I've won! We dance for joy. We hug. We kiss. We sit back down and scroll down to bus number 2. I hit refresh. And then my girlfriend gives me THE LOOK. No not the one that says, "You sure are a handsome intelligent stud and a great lover."... but the OTHER one. You guessed it. I now own TWO buses. Yeah, that's right. TWO! I never thought my paltry raise would hold. Maybe I shoulda stopped and scratched....Anybody want to buy a bus?
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Re: A possibility...?

well at least if your GF decides to leave you, she will have a bus to move her stuff in.
Congratulations on your new buses.
Show us some pictures.
Proud owner of a: 1996 Thomas Safe-T-Liner,Cummins 6CTA 8.3Lt diesel, Allison AT.
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Re: A possibility...?

That's neeeeevvvvveeeerrrrr happened to me.
I'm hungry!

You Gotta Let Me Fly
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Re: A possibility...?

Yeah I got the 71 passenger with the barn doors and the dt466 and one of the other buses. Can't go pick them up until Monday at the soonest. Sorry, I don't have any pics. yet, but will have some next week. I'm actually not sorry to have two buses at this point. I'll just drive them both for a little and then decide which I want and sell the other. But of course I'm betting on the 466. That said, the other with the dta360 was a smooth running bus. For that matter they all seemed to be well taken care of and were very clean and in very good shape. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it Hey, and thanks Jimmyaustintx! for holding back.
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