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Am I Crazy?

I am wondering if I should buy a longer bus, I want a flatnose, and turn the last 7 feet of it into my horse compartment. That way i don't have to pull a horse trailer. Am I crazy or do you think this could be one.

The weight on the back end of the bus would be about 3000lbs.

Figure I could just close off that compartment from the rest of the bus with a 2x6 wall, put a little window in it so I could check the horses out. Plus they would have the windows of the bus for air.

Does this sound doable or nuts?

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Re: Am I Crazy?

It's do-able, but you might need to raise the roof over the horses. Not to mention get/build a ramp for the horses to get in and out of the bus.

Maybe have a door into the back with a window in it? Then you can check on the Horses and go in if you need to, and you wont have to go outside just to get in with them.
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Re: Am I Crazy?

I'm not sure about the weight issue. maybe someone else can chime in on that one. The problem I would see having a horse on board the bus would be a problem with the height of the bus ceiling. most buses run around the 6' range in ceiling height unless you go with a Thomas high topper and that is only around 6'6". second problem I would see is the smell. If this is a full time bus are you prepared to have everything you own smell like horse and manure? I'm sure you can section it off and seal it off so that most of the smell doesn't penetrate through, but it still will get through some how. I'm sure your somewhat use to the smell because you own a horse and it may not bother you that much, just something to consider. Third problem I see is horse trailers are designed with an axle under the horse, this prevents a large swing effect throwing the horse off balance. A bus has a large swing effect because the axles are further forward, and also has a large bouncing effect in the rear end. I'm sure the weight of the horse would keep a lot of the bounce down but I still remember from when I was a kid riding in the back with a loaded bus full of teenagers getting tossed about and bouncing around. Another issue I may see with this is a legal issue. is it legal to operate a vehicle with a horse on board the same vehicle. I have no idea on that and something you may want to look into. as far as the weight goes if the bus can support the weight you would still have to reinforce the floor along with putting some type of sealant to protect the metal floor. And also you would have to have a long ramp to reduce the angle so when the horse is getting on or off it doesn't slip because of a drastic angle.

I hate to sound negative about it all. The Idea is good and it would reduce you from having to haul a trailer around. if your anything like me when I come up with an idea it sounds great however I often over look the negatives until someone points them out to me. Your Idea is great however these are some of the things to take into consideration if you haven't already.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Am I Crazy?

Well I was thinking about this a lot last night. Don't think it will work. For one its not legal in the state of Utard, and two, the weight on the back end would be way too much without major modifications.

Guess I'll just stick with the towing.

Thanks anway guys
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Re: Am I Crazy?


I had a similar idea once. I too scrapped it in favor of towing something. I'm going to make my bus into a partial flatbed on the back to tow a gooseneck trailer for my least that's the plan. However, a friend of mine suggested shortening the rear and just using a pintle hitch with a large bumper pull trailer. The big advantage to the flatbed plan is that it would allow me to haul hay...and other things without a separate trailer. It would be all kinds of useful. The big disadvantage of course is lose of floor space. Now that I finally have my bus, now I have to make a real decision!

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Re: Am I Crazy?

you guys are nuts!
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Re: Am I Crazy?


If you are ever in Utah let me know.

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Re: Am I Crazy?

Yep, crazy as a loon....according to my own mother.

I am converting my bus into a rv/tailator/overflow sleeping/etc. and she says its crazy, therefore, if you would listen to a lady who has a masters degree summa cum laude and is a pastor of her church, you sir, have completely lost your mind!

Now, on the other side of the family I have a father in law who had a horse that would load up in the back of a truck and ride around town. Not just his truck but anyone's truck to the point that his guests would ask him to kindly remove his horse from the bed of thier trucks so they could go home.

So, If you can make it work and the horse digs it then a recipe for success is in the making. Damn the naysayers.
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