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Bus Nut
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Bus seat foam

I looked around a bit and found some pictures and posts regarding those of you that reused your bus seat foam. I would actually like to reuse mine for a couple bench seats and the dinette seats I plan on making.

My plan is to build the benches over the front wheel humps (same as "G BUS") which would make the total width about 24". The bus seat foam is only about 18" wide.

I was wondering if any of you custom cut and glue your foam together to get the desired size. If so, after you cover the foam can you notice creases all over the cushions where they are glued together?

What about comfort? Can you notice a difference sitting on them?

I would prefer to get a one piece section that is the right width and length and have it be one solid piece. But the stuff is pretty expensive and I have seats from 3 buses sitting in my yard (first bus I sold after I took seats out, second bus I kept, 3rd bus is my buddie's). So needless to say I have PLENTY of foam.

So what are your recommondations for constructing the desired size?

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Re: Bus seat foam

you can get rid of the creases by gluing on a thin layer, 1/4" or so on top the whole thing before covering. I made a queen size mattress from mine, took 8 cushions then covered with a single piece of 1 1/2" foam I had been using under my sleeping bag.
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Re: Bus seat foam

You can glue foam together using either contact cement or the contact cement that comes in aerosol spray cans. You can find them in the craft section of Wal-Mart or in stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael's. ... Num=gc0212 (I've used this one on foam) ... Num=gc0265
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Re: Bus seat foam

My bus seats were mostly covered with carpet padding. It's not too expensive, new at the hardware store. I used carpet padding for the "upholstered" part of my driver's area. I covered 3/8" plywood panels with layers of carpet padding and put old seat material on top for the upholstery.
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Bus Nut
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Year: 1993
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Engine: CAT 3116
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Re: Bus seat foam

Ah ha! Gluing a layer on top. I like that idea. I was just outside digging up the seat bottoms from a mountain of seat frames, plywood and rubber flooring. Of course I didn't plan on using the original seat foam so its been outside exposed to rain, freezing temps and squashed and buried. LOL
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Re: Bus seat foam

*bangs her own head* Why the heck did I not think of this! Here I've been searching for used or new foam ... DOH
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Re: Bus seat foam

busbozo: If you go to my gallery pictures and look at my couches you may get some ideas. I built angle iron frames for the bottom and seat backs and put 3" foam on plywood with fabric stretched over it to make comfortable seats. We also put seatbelts behind them for the kiddies. I built sheet metal boxes to stash bedding in and to support the couches and attached the lower frames to them. We lift the lower cushions out of their frames to get access to the bedding and the uppers fold down between them to make a king size bed with bars supporting the backs.The arms are the only thing that hold the seat backs on and have a lean built into to them to make them comfortable. We put a memory foam mattress topper on to soften the 38# per sq. in. foam which is what I would recommend for a comfortable ride while motoring down the road. We have taken many trips with these seats and wouldn't change a thing and have spent many nights on the bed and it's huge and very comfortable with additional padding added to it. It is a little work to put up and take down but is the best way to get both jobs done equally well. sportyrick
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Bus Nut
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Location: MASS
Posts: 449
Year: 1993
Coachwork: THOMAS
Engine: CAT 3116
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Re: Bus seat foam

Thanks Rick. I'll check it out!
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