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Has this or can this be done?

I have a RE bus with a DT530 that has the rear radiator. It has these large air intakes on both sides and because of that I am missing some space on the rear deck inside. We are going to have a queen bed in a back bedroom but we will need to raise it a lot to get it to fit between the vents. That covers almost the entire back window and we loose the ability to put a cabinet next to the bed.

So here is the question. Could I remove both of the vents to give me a flat deck? I know over heating is an issue for a RE bus so I would cut out the center of both access doors and install venting to match or exceed the surface area of the current vents. I would also make air scoops like the existing vents.

Could the work? Thoughts?

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If you are going to move the opening, I believe they are that height to get "cleaner" air. As long as you are allowing the same air flow, it shouldn't be an issue. With a redesign, you could add some fans to push more air through, possibly.
The engineers among us may have other reasons to not move them (maybe the air pressure at that height overcomes the higher pressure in the engine bay) so I would research a little.
Good luck!

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Looks like a great spot for a hammock.

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I will be following this one closely, as the lack of these structures in a Thomas is my main reason for preferring them. Others don't like Thomases for their own reasons, and if you find success in this I will feel like I have many more options to buy.

So cut a hole in the access door, cover it with expanded mesh, jury-rig some sort of stiffening door frame, and paint it all yellow. Tell 'em I said you could!
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I don't see any reason you couldn't do what you're proposing. I'm guessing those vents may be located that high due to a regulation. There are regulations about fender gaps, bumper height, etc. that are supposed to help protect pedestrians if they are struck by the vehicle. I think the most important thing is to match or exceed that surface area as you stated and try to direct some of that airflow into engine compartment while moving.
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As long as you maintain adequate airflow you should be fine. Maybe look at replacing the lower doors with grills and adding a big, brushless fan sucking air in on each side. Think "Ram Air"...or low pressure blower...or...
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