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Re: I'm new to this, can I get some help?

You are granted reciprocity in all states. SOME might require you to weigh up at weigh stations, but I haven't heard of any specifically.

The process to get converted is very easy. You fill out an affidavit stating what you did (even if you didn't get to it yet...) and they change the title type. If you're smart you will fill out a change of class form at the same time and get it registered at a lower, cheaper weight.

I don't have the form sitting in front of me, but it's much like signing up for classes. You must have so many electives from this group and that group. Your plan as it is now will not work I do not think, unless of course you commit a little purgery.

If you have the following you should be ok.

1. 12 volt electrical system separate of the engine. Batteries will qualify so long as you can establish that they are for the purposes of house power and not chassis power.

2. 120 volt electrical independent of the engine. Again, batteries and an inverter will work or a generator. The point is that you can't duct tape an extension cord to the floor and call it permanent independent 120 vac.

3. Potable water. A 6 gallon jug of water on the counter isn't going to cut it here.

4. Permanent cooking fixtures. Microwaves and a hot plate are all good and well, but I seem to recall the requirements specifically stating that you need L.P. or natural gas.

5. Permanent sleeping quarters.

6. Bathroom facilities. A chemical toilet/portapotty WILL qualify here.

You will have to get the actual form to get a better idea, but the central idea is that fixtures must be permanent. I know it sounds like a lot of work and money...and it is...but you will be much MUCH happier if you make a livable conversion if you're going any distance. The people that throw something together quickly usually do so for registration purposes and go back and make things right once they have plates and insurance.

Whereabouts in Minnesota are you? I'm originally from the Iron Range, but living in Mankato for school.

*edit* The form from the DMV is way easier to understand, but...

Subd. 17.Motor home.

(a) "Motor home" means a recreational vehicle designed to provide temporary living quarters. The motor home has a living unit built into as an integral part of, or permanently attached to the chassis of, a motor vehicle or van.

(b) A motor home must contain permanently installed, independent, life-support systems that meet the American National Standards Institute standard number A119.2 for recreational vehicles and provide at least four of the following facilities, two of which must be from the systems listed in clauses (1), (5), and (6): (1) a cooking facility with liquid propane gas supply, (2) a refrigerator, (3) a self-contained toilet or a toilet connected to a plumbing system with a connection for external water disposal, (4) a heating or air conditioning system separate from the motor vehicle engine, (5) a potable water supply system including a sink with a faucet either self-contained or with connections for an external source, and (6) a separate 110-125 volts electrical power supply.

(c) For purposes of this subdivision, "permanently installed" means built into or attached as an integral part of a chassis or van, and designed not to be removed except for repair or replacement. A system that is readily removable or held in place by clamps or tie-downs is not permanently installed.
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Re: I'm new to this, can I get some help?

Every state is different man. Here in Florida you just need one of these three things: potable water system, 120 power installed, or LP gas system. Really simple. If you just run some simple permanent power stuff, and take pics of it, you can go get it switched to an RV. They dont go do a big inspection or anything. At least not here.
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