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3X4 foot shower used as storage for cat crapper, box of outdoor solar lights, etc. All come out in a couple minutes and back in the same. Shower is roomy enough for a little shower stool that Mary sometimes uses when she gets wobbly. (Chemo)
Don, Mary and Spooky the cat.
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Yes it is the sq footage issue. The problem I run into is where the wheel well is located. Being a flat nose i have 4 wheel wells to deal with and also only being 30ft long makes it harder as well.

This thread has me rethinking my layout a bit. Originally I was trying to place the shower and toilet between the side door and bed. wit hthe kitchen on the other side. Thinking I might flip that and keep the chest on the same wall.

Thanks all, got me thinking. Slightly smaller kitchen for a semi normal shower might be worth it.
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Haven't you seen Seinfeld? Kramer did the dishes and cooking in the shower. He even had a garbage disposal put in the shower drain.
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Originally Posted by PNW_Steve View Post
Arghh!! I just flashed on a cross country flight I took a few years ago. Packed airplane and I wound up in a middle seat between two people who obviously had not showered in a few (many?) days. I tried to get the flight attendant to move me. Unfortunately there were no available seats. I did get free wine for the looooong flight though...

BigDave makes a good point. We each will use our bus differently. His will be an "upscale tent" on wheels. Mine will be my full time home. different uses, different needs.
Same experience on an AA flight from DFW to West Palm Beach... a young couple had been boondocking for several months and there was a death in the family and they were flying home. The entire plane smelled. Worse 3 hours on a plane EVER!

My shower walls are framed in... I vote for a shower!

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I think the real question is how long could you stand to be in a bus with other people that are getting ripe? You know, it's up to you. I hear you can put Vick's Mentholatum in your nose.

Is there something wrong with bucket bathing? Well the low windows were a bit of a problem, but mostly for other people.
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Yeah there's a guy at work who's ripe sometimes! I used to encourage him to go swimming after work. Hey if he's not going to shower he might as well swim and get some of that off.
I get in a real foul mood if I'm forced to be around anybody that stinks and there's no way I can avoid it. I probably would have lost it on that plane. Which brings and idea to mind, I'm going to pack a respirator in my carry-on and wear that if need be. It might look silly but it'll get the job done. I'm thinking there will be a lot of jealous people around me LOL. Luckily for me I've never had to deal with that. Who cares what I look like
I've been tossing around the idea of a tub lately so I'm glad you brought this up. It definitely gives me something to think about. My main concern right now is how many gallons of water will each shower take? One of these nights I'm going to time a very quick shower and then I'm going to run cold water into a tote for the same exact amount of time and see how much water I used. I know this is going to be different from my household shower so I will probably be able to deduct some gallons because the shower head I'll be using will be some type of water saver. After I figure out what my water usage is actually going to be including the kitchen sink, then I'll know how many water tanks and what size I'll be needing. Then ofcourse I can figure out my plumbing setup.
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oh yes she did!
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