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leaking door window

How do you remove the glass from the bus door? one of the top ones is leaking , and has water in it, in fact theres a mini van floating in it I want to take the window out and have it resealed(all of them are foggy.
water level is just at the roof of the mini van(why my wife parked it there)

thank you for any help
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Re: leaking door window

Just add some minnows and call it an aquarium!!
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Re: leaking door window

Bear in mind we have single pane not dual pane. But the method should be the same. Just remove the water from the glass and let it dry very well before resealing. The use of the clear elastometric will seal the glass all around and help keep it from leaking again.

Our door trim had a spline on the outside. Pull the spline on the outside. On the inside CAREFULLY roll/push the rubber trim towards the glass and gently work all around the glass to get it pushed past the metal door material. Having another person to catch and pull the glass as you go helps. I also had a popsicle/craft stick to roll the rubber trim (slide under and gently lift up). Dish soap is your friend as well as your enemy. Soaping everything up makes it easier to get in/out but also makes the glass hard to hold onto. Once you get the rubber trim wrapped glass out, you should drop the rubber trim and spline in some warm water with a bit of dish soap in it. This will allow you to clean the trim (an old tooth bush is good for cleaning out the groove) to get all the crud off. Also makes it more flexible. Once clean, dump the water and refill the bucket with clean warm water, Add dish soap again and soak the trim (spline included) until you are ready to re-install. Take the opportunity to really clan the glass well while its out.

When I re-installed the glass in our door, I took the extra precaution of using the clear Henrys (212) electometric caulk to seal the vintage trim to the glass and the metal door. I do not know if it made a difference but none of our fixed glass windows leak and that is how I fixed all of them. Henry's is okay to use on a wet surface.

This is the messy way......
To re-install the glass, Run a bead of Henry's 212 CLEAR in the groove the glass sits in. the rubber should be WET, fit trim over the glass. You want enough caulk to seal to the glass both inside and out. Do not worry about excess caulk but try to not have huge gobs. Don't wipe the minimal excess that will squeeze out. Now you will put a line of Henry's around the outside and inside edge of the opening. Carefully set the rubber trim into the opening starting at the bottom. Use your popsicile sticks to push the inner flange to the in side. You will need to use a couple of popscicle sticks to manipulate the trim and to get it to sit in place right. the wooden stick will not damage the rubber trim or your paint job. Plus it's so narrow that you can get it into some odd positions. Once you have the glass.rubber trim seated and laying flat all the way around, you will be ready to the spline. The the soapy wet spline and find the center of your opening at the bottom. Install the ends of the spline to where they butt together at the center. You will install BOTH ENDS. Then using a couple popscicle sticks and plenty of relly soapy water, you will use one popscicle stick to open the groove, another to push the spline into the groove. This is hard on your hands and you may develop some cramping. Starting at the bottom work your way to one corner, then start on the other side and work your way to that corner. Allow plenty of spline to roll into the corners, don't be stingy. You can pull it tighter if needed on the straight runs but you will need it to be unstretched in the corners. I found the pushing it into the groove just tight enough to hold it in place, here and there around the window helped me to not have too little or too much once I had worked my way to the top. You need to work a little on one side, then a little on the other side until you hit the center. It may be either a little tight or a little loose on the final few inches at the top, Either way pull/push to get it all in, the soap will allow the spline to settle in as it all dries in the sun. Once it is completely dry (including the caulking), you can use a razor blade to clean the excess off (score thru the caulking carefully at the rubber trim and try not to cut any slivers of rubber off).

I did not document the procedure for our glass. But if we ever break down and replace the flat windshield glass (big crack in it), I will use the same method and document it with pics. Mostly to remind me in case I ever have to do it again.

Hope this helps. We're off to Carlsbad Caverns today.
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Re: leaking door window

wow Lorna. thanks for the help, I think Ill just see if I can put fish in it
all kidding aside Ill give it a try next week
thanks again
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Re: leaking door window

If you could replace the water with mineral never need a level when you go camping
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Re: leaking door window about just poking a weep hole in the bottom?
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