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Newbie got some questions

Got a bus at auction, and if your looking for a bus I'm an auctioneer I can help you find one. This Bus will be barged out to Matagorda Island for our island Place. Only access is boat or air. So I've taken the seats out, sold them. Why is everyone taking the insulation out of the ceiling I won't use this bus 2-3 nights a month. I was thinking of covering the ceiling with old rustic tin. I'm building a cover over the whole bus and 5ft overhang so I won't have major leaks, direct sunlight,etc. floor-I see people ripping the floor up, why? I've found a hardwood looking pvc flooring that can take high traffic and waterproof and is installable over any existing flooring. I can 3m epoxy or silicone the seat holes before laying down the flooring. This bus is going to be a fish/ hunting cabin so it doesn't have to perfect. What are the must do's on a bus conversions.

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Sounds like you have it covered.
I assume people do more or less based on preferences, likes, and needs.

I'm doing my first bus conversion and will keep it to a minimum. I might do a more expensive one later on.

Feel free to share your auctioneer tricks with the rest.
Thanks in advance.

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I have started a new Topic called Auctions to help everyone find a Great Bus.

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Matagorda! We're almost neighbors. 40 miles south of Houston here.

As far as the insulation goes, you'll be glad you did if you spend just one day/night in the bus. At the very least, consider insulating the floor, walls and ceiling with 1 inch polyiso/blue/pink from Home Depot/Lowes. More is better. Install a vapor barrier too. The vapor barrier is important. 4 mil plastic sheeting under the insulation works very well.

The biggest heat gain/loss is the roof. Even painted gloss white (which helps!), it cooks the interior quickly. And at night it radiates heat like the tin can that it is. Very uncomfortable in hot/humid weather.

Let me give you a point of reference as to heat transfer: my 38 foot BB has a bulkhead halfway down the bus to separate the cargo area (rear) from the living area (front). The AC is a new 15k btu rooftop heat pump installed in the front half. I have at least 1'inch of insulation in addition to the factory insulation on all the walls/floor/ceiling and at high noon 15k just barely keeps up. And at night it will freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

If all you plan on doing is sleeping in it at night, consider getting a unit that also does dehumidification (like mine). You can easily sleep in a bus at 45% RH and 85F, but you will NOT be able to sleep in a bus that is 85% and 85F. Been there/done that/aint doin' it again! Far better to just sleep in a tent with a little breeze than to baste in your own sweat.

And BTW: welcome!
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