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Propane Water Heaters ~ Advice Needed

Hi list,
I have a brand new ,on demand,Aqua Star home water heater,would this work in our bus,or should I trade it in for a smaller RV water heater??

What is the best water heater one can buy for an RV ??

Thanks all ~ Jennifer
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Yes, it will work well, I would like an on demand for my bus. It will work even better if yours is one of the propane models otherwise it could take a lot of electricity.
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I'm pretty sure youre talking about an on-demand Propane water
And yes it will work fine in your bus as long as you have the right
water pressure to run it.
Smaller RV water pumps dont have the PSI to make a home-style Heater
work...but the newer RV models put out by FLOJET & ShurFlo will .
They cost around $190.00

Camping World & Campers Choice sells them

I know Paloma doesnt require AC to run their heaters ...but I'm not
sure about AquaStar.
If it does require AC ...just run it off your inverter .

I thought about installing one in our Bus ...but went for a rv one
But I am going to install a Paloma or AquaStar water heater in the 40
ft. 5th wheel trailer I'm going to start building soon.
Michael & Millie ,The Mobile Homestead
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Oh,hi you guys !! I LOVE your website ,The Mobile Homestead,and go there often looking for updates !

Do you think that the on demand propane water heaters would work better than a typical RV type ?? Ours is very large,and I wonder if we should sell it and purchase,the smaller ,and less expensive RV on demand one that is now out.

One thing I do not understand is that these heaters are billed as "tankless",how does that work in an RV ,we will obviously need a tank to hold the water as mostly we will be traveling and boondocking.

Is the only advantage then that it costs less on propane??

Ours is still in the box,never used before and we know very little about it (it was a wedding gift),so any additional info about them and why they would be preferable to a typical rv one,would be so appreciated.
Thanks evryone~ Jennifer
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Hi Jennifer ….

I’d definitely stick with the water heater you have rather then changing over to the RV on-demand heater …for a number of reasons.

The Bosch/AquaStar & Paloma heaters have been around for a long time and have a great reputation. Plus it’s very easy to get replacement parts for them.

The RV-model is relatively new and pretty much doesn’t have much test info on it yet…plus you need to buy a bunch of different add-ons to make it work right in breezy or cold places.

Plus…there’s really no need to install it in a bus …because basically they’re designed to fit in the ‘Hole’ where the old water heater was in an RV.
So…stick with your model. It’s a MUCH better unit.

If you haven’t seen one …Here’s a link that shows what the RV-5000 Instant water heater looks like.
http://www.houseneeds.com/shop/HeatingP ... inpage.htm

I’ve seen lots of Paloma’s (basically no different then your model) installed in houses & a house truck down in Oregon…They’re typically installed over the toilet in the bathroom where they’re not in the way.
And for a bus, all you need to do is …install it up on the wall …cut the vent hole and install the vent …run a cold water line into the water heater and a hot water out line too…hook-up the propane line …and that’s about it.

As far as where the water comes from in an RV or Bus to make the water heater work…first there’s the ‘city-water’ inlet ( that’s where you plug in your hose at campgrounds or such for pressurized water )…then there’s the water tanks ( which feed the ‘house’ water lines ,using a 12-volt pump …when you away from ‘City’ pressurized water)

With an Instant hot water heater you don’t need to add any Hot Water holding tanks at all …that’s why they’re so Great.
They work by Cold water flowing into the heater …through a heavy copper line inside the heater…the water is ‘flash’ heated in the pipe …which flows out the line to your taps as hot water.

Before you try installing your heater ….make sure it’s an LP gas (propane) model and not a Natural Gas one.
If it is designed to run on Natural Gas …call the local rep and ask how you can switch it over to propane.
Usually that entails changing the gas nozzles & such…which isn’t hard to do.

Here’s a site to check out which Model you have…it should tell you if your heater designed to run off LP gas or not.

Here’s the unit I think I’ll buy …
Aqua Star Model 125 HX

Robert Bosch, Inc., developed the 125HX patented hydro-generated ignition system that requires no standing pilot, electricity, or batteries. The Aquastar 125HX is the first tankless natural gas water heater to use this technology for pilot ignition. Hydro-generated ignition works much like the giant turbines in a hydroelectric dam using the flow of water to generate electricity. When a hot water tap is opened, cold water flows through the 125HX's hydro generator. The flowing water spins a tiny turbine, which, in turn, instantly produces electricity. This electricity creates the spark required to light the burners and the water is then heated as it passes through a copper heat exchanger. Choose the 125HX in either LP water heater or natural gas water heater.

http://www.houseneeds.com/shop/HeatingP ... .htm#125hx

Are you questioning my Aaa-thoritttyy ?
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We used to have one of those water heaters in the bathroom at the shop and it was great. All the hot water you wanted with no large tank to get in the way. I would definitely agree that they would make an outstanding unit for a bus since space is at a premium.
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